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Everyone is fighting for attention across the Internet. Businesses are trying to pull the attention of their prospects from their competitors, while keeping the attention of current customers. People are trying to get their peers to pay attention to their pictures and videos. Non-profit organizations are trying to gain the attention of the masses to elicit change in an industry, or the world.

Good Monster is an engagement marketing agency that gets businesses, brands, people and causes positive attention across the internet while helping them have a positive impact on their customers lives.


Dear Student of Life,
I’m guessing you would love to enter the work world in a full sprint, chock-full of work that you actually created with your bare hands and laser-focused mind. Work so damn good, that it gets the attention of thousands, potentially millions of people. Work that is impactful on people’s lives, and teaches you a crap load about what it’s really like to create great content and ignite conversation. And the best part, work that proves you know what you’re doing…

Welcome to The Lair. It gets a little crazy in here.

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Our program is an unpaid program initially, because frankly we want people hungry enough that they want to learn the street smarts needed to survive in today’s job market…not just a paycheck. We totally get it if this isn’t for you, but if you are driven, we are here for you and your future…

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That being said, we have an invite-only paid intern program in which we cherry-pick the right candidates out of The Lair to help lead our digital content marketing machine :)

You in?

Want to be a Monster?

Thank you for your interest in Good Monster! We’re always looking for passionate and talented people! We pride ourselves on working with ambitious individuals who are always looking to grow both personally and professionally. The marketing landscape is constantly changing, so we’re constantly looking for new ideas from innovative thinkers.

If this sounds like you, check out our current job openings.



As we continue to post about available positions, we may not be able to respond back to each and every applicant due to the number of applications. Rest assured, we received it and will contact you if there is a need. If you are interested in the positions above, please submit your resume along with a portfolio if applying for a creative position!

Good Monster is currently hiring all of our employees out of our internship program. We’re family here, and that way they are already used to crazy Uncle Eddy. If you think you have amazing skills that our interns can’t hold a candle to, shoot us a note and we’ll think about it.

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