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How to start a partnership with a digital marketing team that gets results

Are you frustrated with your current marketing team and looking for a new social media or digital marketing team that actually gets you results??  Well,
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How to Effectively Market Your Brand Online

Producing engaging content, branding yourself, and how to set yourself apart from your competition. Neil de Grasse Tyson loves talking about the universe. And if

What Instagram Story Advertising Means for Consumer Brands

It’s no secret that Instagram has all but monopolized the attention of the young adult community. From its onset, Instagram’s “window-shopping” nature has been attractive

We Really Need to Get Over Our Instagram Follower Obsession

We Really Need to Get Over Our Instagram Follower Obsession Good Monster gets approached every week from brands that want to increase their number of

What is Amazon doing to Your website’s conversion rate?

You might think that with all of the headlines and ads for ecommerce, online marketplaces would be dwarfing brick and mortar stores exponentially, however, that’s

The ROI of a Facebook Ad

If you are looking for a specific number, Facebook ads have an average ROI of 400%, at least they do with our clients; but that
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The Pitfalls of Automated Marketing

Part 1: Are You Onboard? The definition of social media, is right in its name. It’s media distributed in a social manner that your customers
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What did you spend on marketing last month?

If you could spend half the money on 10x the results would you do it? If you're in the business of growing your business, then
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Influencer Marketing: We’re Going About It All Wrong

Marketers ruin everything – I’m sure you’ve heard this term before, but maybe you haven’t had it explained. It means that once a platform gains


Every year, new trends emerge that brand marketing executives should pay attention to. The problem is, not many CMO's, VP's or Directors of Marketing have

Intern Blog: Things I’ve Learned at Good Monster That Will Help Grow My Blog

  Everyone has those things on their “to do” list that sit there for what seems like forever. You plan on doing them, because you

Intern Blog: Creating Video Content

As an engagement marketing agency, Good Monster prides itself on creating content that is engaging and entertaining across social media platforms. One of the many