Intern: Content Marketing Strategist (Fall 2017)

The Lair is Good Monster’s internship program that takes students out of the classroom and puts them into a real life marketing agency setting. In this program you will work on a real brand to get real results such as website traffic, content reach and revenue.

What are we looking for?

Good Monster is looking for individuals who are friendly, hungry to learn, and excited to work with a team to produce creative marketing campaigns that get attention and drive results. 

We are looking for internship candidates to join our hard-charging, outside-of-the-box startup in one of the fastest growing industries. We are looking for students in public relations, marketing and communications who are hungry to learn the positive impact that great content across social media and digital marketing can have on a brand.

Does this describe you?

You have a deep desire to understand what makes great content get viewed and go viral across digital and social platforms. You are highly active on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Medium and other social media platforms and have a good understanding of what makes them tick. You love, love, LOVE great content, and know what content will get engagement across many platforms.

What is this internship like?

“Hi! My name is Colin and I was the Marketing Strategist Intern (Brand Manager) for Jaxon Jovie this Summer. In this position, I managed Jaxon Jovie’s various social media accounts, helped develop content for them, and then planned that content out. Sounds simple, but this position requires organization, patience, and and creativity to figure out what content works and what doesn’t.

  • What did you expect coming into the program?
    Coming into this program, I expected to get some hands on experience in a company and learn more through watching how the current employees work. The expectations were exceeded because it was basically all hands on. Everyday was busy and full of things to do, but rewarding in the end.

  • What’s the coolest part about the internship?
    The coolest part of the internship was the fact that anything the interns did was implemented almost immediately. Any website changes, social media posts, or new ideas for Jaxon Jovie were considered and implemented right away.

  • What was the most important thing you learned during the internship?
    I think the most important thing I learned was how to work in a team and how to manage things on a timely basis. I was lucky to have great teammates who delivered content and helped with things when I asked, or without me even asking. Then, getting those things together and producing content was a breeze, but something that also came with a learning curve in the beginning.

  • What type of interns are perfect for this program?
    The interns that I think are most perfect for this program are interns who are not just looking to sit around and get coffee, but actually work and get something out of their internship. In this position, there is work to be done everyday and all day while you are here. You need to have drive and passion to work hard and get things done on time. If you are looking to work and learn how to manage a brand, this is the closest you will get to a real job in that position.

  • What is one suggestion you would give to the intern filling your position?
    One suggestion I would give to the new intern filling my shoes is to be creative from the get go. Don’t be afraid to try out different things and see what content works, and what doesn’t for the company. That’s something I wish I did more from the start.”

Job Duties:

  • In depth research of Good Monster’s brand across social and digital media 
  • Strategize new content ideas to publicize Good Monster’s brand
  • Manage Good Monster’s daily content calendars
  • Work with creative team to develop content for all platforms


  • Proficient writing and grammar skills
  • Knowledge of modern content marketing strategies
  • An avid user of the most popular social media platforms
  • Solid personal skills (you like to talk to people)

The Details:

  • Start-End Date: Sept 5 – Dec 1
  • 10-15 hours a week preferred
  • Must have reliable transportation (Bus, car, bike, skateboard, jetpack)
  • Must have reliable laptop

Apply Now: