Intern: Copywriting (Fall 2017)

The Lair is Good Monster’s internship program that takes students out of the classroom and puts them into a real life marketing agency setting. In this program you will work on a real brand to get real results such as website traffic, content reach and revenue.

What are we looking for?

Good Monster is looking for individuals who are friendly, hungry to learn, and excited to work with a team to produce creative marketing campaigns that get attention and drive results. 

We are specifically looking for a Copywriting Intern to work with our team of “Intern Monsters” to create clever, engaging content that will help to build the Good Monster brand across various social and digital media channels.

Does this describe you?

You enjoy making people laugh in the fewest amount words possible. Grammatical errors frustrate the crap out of you, except when they are intentional. In fact you are probably getting frustrated reading this right now because you are a better writer than us. You are always looking for a new platform, opportunity and audience to engage with written word. Above all, you want to learn how to apply your skills with the quill to an ever-changing digital landscape, and how you can use it to engage and influence people.

What is this internship like?

“Hey! My name is Jack and I was the copywriting intern for Jaxon Jovie this past summer. For this position, I created original content to be featured in blog posts, social media posts and emails. I planned and research various topics while also reaching out to experts for comments about a topic. If you love to write and grammar mistakes frustrate you as much as they do to me, then you are perfect for this position.

-Coming into this program, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew I would be writing a little bit of copy but I wasn’t entirely sure what kind of content I would producing. What I was really excited for was to get some hands on experience at a marketing firm, observing and learning from anything I could.

-Easily the coolest part is how much influence you have over the company. Every single decision we made as interns affected the company in some shape or form. This doesn’t happen at a majority of internship opportunities.

-If there was one thing I learned from this internship, it’s flexibility. No matter what you do, you have to learn to be flexible. Change is a scary concept but never back down from the challenge. Multiple times during this internship, we had to change the focus of the company. At the time, it was difficult to shift my objectives when I had already planned out so much. But in the long run, I know that my ability to adapt to changes on the fly makes a difference.

-If you love to write, than this internship is perfect for you. Anyone who is passionate about their craft and dedicated to learning and improving will benefit greatly from this internship.

-If you are looking for an internship with a big name company that’ll look good on a resume, than this placement isn’t for you. But if you are willing to work hard, learn a lot and be challenged everyday, then don’t hesitate to apply.”

Job Duties:

  • In depth research of Good Monster’s voice across social and digital media 
  • Strategize new content and engagement ideas for Good Monster’s brand
  • Create long form written content (blog posts, articles)
  • Create short form written content (social media posts)
  • Review written content for grammatical errors


  • Proficient writer with an eye for grammar
  • An avid user of the most popular social media platforms
  • Has a portfolio of past articles, blog posts or hilarious social media posts
  • Solid personal skills (you like to talk to people)

The Details:

  • Start-End Date: Sept 5 – Dec 1
  • 10-15 hours a week preferred
  • Must have reliable transportation (Bus, car, bike, skateboard, jetpack)
  • Must have reliable laptop

Apply Now: