Intern: PR/Marketing Strategist (Fall 2017)

The Lair is Good Monster’s internship program that takes students out of the classroom and puts them into a real life marketing agency setting. In this program you will work on a real brand to get real results such as website traffic, content reach and revenue.

What are we looking for?

Good Monster is looking for individuals who are friendly, hungry to learn, and excited to work with a team to produce creative marketing campaigns that get attention and drive results. 

We are looking for internship candidates to join our hard-charging, outside-of-the-box startup in one of the fastest growing industries. We are looking for students in public relations, marketing and communications who are hungry to learn the positive impact that great content across social media and digital marketing can have on a brand.

Does this describe you?

You are looking to work hard to define yourself against all the other marketing/PR professionals entering the workforce over the next few years. You want to work to develop a solid portfolio of work that can be used to show employers that you are a PR rockstar right out of college. Above all, you are eager to find out how creative you can get to produce great marketing strategies.

What is this internship like?

“Hi there,

An internship can go down one or two paths. Down one path,you are sitting in a cubicle, making phone call after phone call, falling asleep at the desk, and counting the hours until you get out for the day.

Down the other path, you are walking around Armoury Square for a conference, conversing with the team on strategies, listening to music and engaging in the constant brainstorming that is going on amongst the employees. I did not know what path I signed on for when I applied for the PR Strategist internship, but I was ecstatic when I realized it was the latter.

My name is Karri Bellamy and the part I enjoyed the most was collaborating with the Good Monster team on different strategies to implement into the new apparel company Jaxon Jovie. After the collaboration, seeing the impact of your decisions through the analytics was really encouraging.

While being part of the team, the most important thing I learned was how to establish your brand and voice. This not only applied to the apparel company, but also to life and creating what they say “a name for yourself.”

If you are an individual who is looking to have an impactful role in a company, than this is your spot. You must be willing to learn, be comfortable with making decisions, and working together with others. My role was specifically Community Management, which entailed finding influencers who represent our brand to promote the products.

My suggestion to you is to give this internship your all. Although the company name is not huge, that will work in your benefit because you can get one on one feedback and learning experience from successful entrepreneurs.”

Job Duties:

  • In depth research of Good Monster’s brand across social and digital media 
  • Strategize new content ideas to publicize Good Monster’s brand
  • Manage Good Monster’s various PR schedules
  • Create editor/influencer outreach strategies


  • Proficient writing and grammar skills
  • Knowledge of modern PR strategies
  • Enrolled in Public Relations related program
  • An avid user of the most popular social media platforms
  • Solid personal skills (you like to talk to people)

The Details:

  • Start-End Date: Sept 5 – Dec 1
  • 10-15 hours a week preferred
  • Must have reliable transportation (Bus, car, bike, skateboard, jetpack)
  • Must have reliable laptop

Apply Now: