Intern: Videography (Fall 2017)

The Lair is Good Monster’s internship program that takes students out of the classroom and puts them into a real life marketing agency setting. In this program you will work on a real brand to get real results such as website traffic, content reach and revenue.

What are we looking for?

Good Monster is looking for individuals who are friendly, hungry to learn, and excited to work with a team to produce creative marketing campaigns that get attention and drive results. 

We are specifically looking for a Videography Intern to work with our team of “Intern Monsters” to create sometimes beautiful, sometimes emotional, and sometimes absolutely-hilarious video content.

Does this describe you?

You see opportunities to tell great stories everyday of your life, and wish that you could have a camera in your hand at all times to capture them. In fact most times you do. You love the whole process of production, from being a fanatic about the lighting setup, to clipping video footage at the exact moment that the audio track’s beat drops. Above all you are hungry to learn how to tell better stories across various social and digital platforms that make people laugh, cry and get chills of excitement.

Job Duties:

  • In depth research of social and digital media content
  • Strategize new video content and engagement ideas
  • Create long form video content (Youtube, Facebook video stories)
  • Create micro-video content (Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Script-writing, film shoot setup, audio and video editing


  • Proficient with Adobe Premiere, Audition, Final Cut or similar video/audio editing software
  • Has a portfolio of past video work
  • An avid user of the most popular social media platforms
  • Solid personal skills (you like to talk to people)

The Details:

  • Start-End Date: Sept 5 – Dec 1
  • 10-15 hours a week preferred
  • Must have reliable transportation (Bus, car, bike, skateboard, jetpack)
  • Must have reliable laptop

Apply Now: