Page Trucking was not only looking to provide their customers with a responsive website, but they also wanted to provide their drivers with a responsive web application. This web application would allow drivers to see their weekly settlements, driver bulletins and company announcements. On both the website and the web application, there needed to be a social component that links Page Trucking’s Facebook page feed to a private Facebook Group.pagetrucking_laptop



Good Monster designed a responsive website that consisted of a content management system as well as clear call to actions which focused on driver applications. To support these the call to actions, Good Monster developed informative and engaging content that gave potential drivers a look into who Page Trucking is, what they do and how they operate. The results were fantastic as they received hundreds of qualified driver applications, allowing them to fill orders and grow revenue.


Our team then developed the web application. This cloud-based platform consisted of two applications: an administrative console and the driver’s portal. The administrative console provided functionality to deliver, upon the administrator’s command, the weekly settlements to the driver’s accounts residing in the cloud. The application takes the current week’s PDF files and uploads them to the appropriate location.


We were able to develop an application that automated much of the process and eliminate unnecessary steps along with eliminating 3rd party applications. The drivers are able to view, download and print their settlements and have the ability to view previous settlements.


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