With analytics, it’s a numbers game. But we won’t get too technical and nerdy here, we’ll leave that to the nerds.

What we do want to talk about is how most people make decisions based on emotion, which is why content marketing is so important right now. But the only way to know how it’s performing is with a solid measuring system.

Even though people make decisions emotionally, brands should make decisions based on the data they receive.

The tools we use to draw conclusions and form our analytics reports are boring, so we’ll leave all that to our team of nerds. What we can tell you is that it’s detailed as sh*t, but the concept is actually really simple. As a rule of thumb, if the numbers show it’s working, don’t screw with it. If the numbers show it’s not working, you better screw with it.

*Feel free to contact one of our nerds for a more detailed description. No nerds were hurt in the writing of this description.


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