Syracuse Ranked 3rd Snowiest City in the U.S.

Well it’s that time of year again. The snow is coming (or already here for some of you), the holiday music is playing everywhere you go and you still haven’t bought any gifts (oh crap!).

To be happy in Central New York you have to love snow, or at least like it (ok as long as you deal with it, you’re good to go). Here at Good Monster we love the snow! The fluffy white stuff gets us in the holiday spirit and bumps our creative levels up to “high!”

As of December 11th, 2013, it was released that our winter wonderland of a city (Syracuse) is still defending our Golden Snow Globe title of the 3rd snowiest city in America with 13.4 inches in 2013. So to show you how much snow we really get year after year, we put together this little infographic that shows why we are the snowfall kings of the US!


The Death of an Advertising Agency, The Birth of a Brand Innovation Agency

We are not your typical ad agency.

Yup, this is a statement blog post if I’ve ever heard written one. I will be the first one to tell you that not many at our agency come from large ad agencies, or any ad agency for that matter. But this is why we are extremely effective at what we do; we have the creativity and develop the strategies that any agency can develop, without being stuck with the politics, bureaucracy or traditional ways of a typical ad agency.

We are an eclectic group of very talented, extremely dedicated, friendly professionals. We bleed creativity and strategy, with the foresight to use today’s technical platforms to build brand awareness. We don’t have the agency experience stuck in our minds to tunnel us into repetitiveness. What we do have is a real life view of the world, we notice what stories capture us and move us. We have the ability to look past ad dollars and see what people really want, and why you can’t force them into anything.

Now let me interject, this is not an intentional bash-fest of the traditional ad agency; I mean, if none of us have ever worked at one, we definitely don’t have the right to bash them. This is simply a realization from working with our clients that things like listening, establishing trust and friendships – and to never do what other people are doing – are the most important things that we do as an ad agency.

We are different: we think differently, we work differently, but this is what leads us to remarkable work.

Top 5 reasons we are remarkable:

  1. All of our talent is in-house; that’s right, instead of contracting the best, we hire the best. This allows us to be effective, efficient and remarkable.
  2. We have an open policy for employees allowing them to work when and where they want as long as our clients’ brand is growing in a timely fashion.
  3. Our clients are more like friends, and our dogs play together.
  4. When we are hired for a project, we do un-billed research on other resources that might help improve the outcome of the project and engagement of customers.
  5. Everyone knows everything. All of our employees get the opportunity to follow each other around for a day to see what the other teams are doing. The website team knows what’s up with video, the video team gets a flavor of SEO, and metrics knows how to turn on the video camera.  We are a well-oiled machine.

So it might seem like I am tooting our own horn, and I am! But not because I am cocky, it’s because I want to show everyone out there, that it is still possible to be in the business of making people happy. Sure we are a company based on digital tools, but relationships are our backbone. Happy employees make happy clients. Happy clients make happy businesses. Happy businesses make happy Good Monsters.

That is all, good day to all you good monsters out there!