The Power of Social Media Advertising

Many small businesses, and even some large businesses, still don’t realize the effectiveness of social media advertising platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and soon to be Instagram. In this episode John and Chris dive into the effectiveness of some of these platforms.

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Prolong Your Social Media Campaign

Keep Your Followers Engaged, Even After Your Campaign

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You’ve just ended a very successful social media campaign, maybe it was a contest or maybe it was a give away. But now what? Is there anything else left to do? The short answer is yes! Of course you want to continue to keep your fans/followers engaged, but how? In this episode of the Attention Show, John and Chris talk about ways you can prolong your social media campaign to keep your fans/followers engaged. Check it out!

Reputation Management on Social Media

Reputation Management: What Are People Saying About You Online?

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It can take a lifetime to build a reputation and only one second to see it all come crashing down. Even though your fans and followers love you, what happens when that one instance someone isn’t happy with your product or service and they voice it on social media? In this episode of the Attention Show, John and Chris talk about reputation management on social media