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The New Primetime is 24/7

Remember nighttime TV in the 90’s? You know, Primetime. Ellen and Drew Carey on Wednesday, Friends and Seinfeld on Thursday, and who could forget X-files on Sunday. Many over the age of 30 remember sitting down at 8 pm every night, next to their family, watching a string of 2-4 prime time shows. It was Primetime Baby. The television time slot...

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How to Get Attention

A little under 20 years ago, advertising on the internet was easy. You could run a Google Ad for the word "coffee" and it would cost you 5¢ a click. By the way, you were the only one showing up, so you were going to get a 50%+ click through. But times have changed... You are now not only competing...

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2019: A Huge Year for Manufacturing & Industrial Companies

2019, 2020 & 2021 are all going to be a really big years for anybody involved in this industry. Whether you are a manufacturing company or industrial service provider, it’s an important time right now for sure. This year we are seeing millennials move into management roles as the previous decision-makers in those companies age up and out. And we're...

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How to Build A Winning LinkedIn Strategy

We’ve all been hearing the rah-rah about how LinkedIn has become such an amazing platform to build your brand. But many of you are wondering what are the first few steps to actually getting to that “amazingness“. So here we go, I'm going to talk about really real world strategies that you can use every day to help utilize LinkedIn...

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How Businesses Can Increase Sales with Local Social Media Influencers

How Effective is Influencer Marketing? Heard of the “Cristiano Ronaldo-Nike Partnership”? If YES, then I am sure you know what marketing via an influencer can do. Although this collaboration is at the international level, it should not stop you from landing huge sales via a local or micro influencer(s) if you play your cards right. Well, not everyone is a...

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