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The Importance of Investing in Amazon Marketing & Three Essential Amazon Hacks to get you started!

Amazon marketing.

Here we go guys!

Boy, if we had a nickel for every time a new client reached us on how they could use Amazon marketing to build their business, we’d be uber-rich.

And it’s pretty clear to see why…

Amazon has made leaps and bounds in expanding from an online e-commerce store to a digital ad sales platform in no time!

Indeed, folks at Amazon are devising ways to dethrone Google as the largest digital ads platform in America.

And the stats say it all

It’s currently the third largest digital ads sales service, with Google taking the throne, and Facebook coming in a close second.

Which can only mean two things:

Either Jeff Bezos doesn’t sleep at night (we’re onto you Jeff), or the solar system is somehow rigged to favor Amazon with more hours of operation than its competitors.

And that’s only the half of it. Analysts now predict that Amazon will account for 4.1% of all digital ad spending in the United States by the end of the year.

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We’re talking roughly $4.6 billion in ad sales!

Plus with so many businesses clawing at each other on both the Google and Facebook ads platforms, Amazon might be the breath of fresh air that your business badly needs!

So how can you grow your presence and revenue on Amazon with a strong marketing strategy?

Today, Amazon has become more than just a simple online e-commerce store where you sell your products to potential buyers.

It has evolved into a product search engine on the verge of edging out the likes of Bing and Google.

In fact, the platform currently has its own metrics of ranking, known as Amazon SEO, which it uses to list its mammoth archive of multiple products and services.

It’s on this premise that we’ll be discussing one key factor. How can you improve your Amazon ranking for better sales conversion?

  1. Sponsored Ads and Headline Ads

The most convenient feature about advertising with Amazon is that it gives competitors an equal footing when it comes to marketing their products and services.

Sellers are given access to the ‘Amazon Marketing Services’ feature which helps them improve their visibility on Amazon, increase their brand awareness, and even improving customer loyalty!

As the good ol’ English would say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat!

And the same can be said about the different methods by which you can create consumer awareness on Amazon.

We will start by having a look at the two different Ad Sets in Amazon Marketing Services.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

These are the Cost per click, keyword targeted search ads that are usually found on the right-hand side, at the top, or at the bottom of the search results page.

Amazon users can also locate them on the description page of a certain product, especially if the sponsored product you’re advertising is related to the product that is currently being searched.

Amazon Sponsored Product ads are usually based on keywords and either have automatic or manual targeting.

Automatic targeting is whereby Amazon uses the content of your products and matches it to the information it has gathered in its queries in order to showcase your ads.

On the other hand, manual targeting is the process by which you create a set of keywords and upload them to determine the audience your products will target.

You also have the ability to determine the positioning of your ads: whether on the right-hand side, at the top, or at the bottom.

Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads are extremely popular and highly ranked at the apex of the sales funnel when it comes to Amazon listings.

In fact, they are considered the best ads on Amazon for both general category and branded content.

That’s because these ads are visible to the general public when a similar keyword is typed in search engines such as Google and Bing.

As a matter of fact, the ads are always displayed at the top of every Search Engine results page and further come with an attractive headline and multiple products.

Headline ads also have the added benefit of keyword targeting and can fit rather seamlessly with general queries, making them easier to interact with by potential buyers.

Which means that you as the seller have the ability to redirect the ads link either to your Products page, Search Results Page, Brand Page, or to the Custom URL of your Amazon Page.

  1. Amazon Listing Optimization

Similar to SEO Ranking on Search Engines like Google and Bing, you’ll need to perform a series of listing optimization tasks to ensure that your products and services rank the highest for your particular target audience.

In fact, here are some of the ways you can get started with Amazon optimization:

Optimizing the titles of your products

One of the most vital elements of your Amazon listing is the title of your product. Not only does it play a pivotal role when product-related queries are keyed in, but also helps improve your click-through rate.

Have a look at it this way. If your favorite chili sauce was missing from your local taco stand around the block for say a week, would you still think about buying another taco from there?

Probably not.

The same case applies to your product title. It’s what gives your product its oomph factor!

In fact, Amazon highly recommends you include the following qualities to your product titles:

  • Vital keywords at the start of the title- This is to prevent important keywords from being eliminated by screen devices where the display is too small to include the full title.

  • Avoiding keyword over-stuffing- You shouldn’t overstuff your title with keywords. As a matter of fact, the average title is around 200 characters or less.

So you probably should focus on optimizing around this.

  • Other factors of title optimization include brand and description of the product, the quantity of the product, the size, the color, the key ingredients, the material, and the product line.

Using attractive product descriptions with bullet points

After the title has been used to grab the user’s attention and he or she clicks on the product, you need to fuel their curiosity further.

In fact, your job now is to reinforce to the customer that you are hands down the best listing out there and that they’ve landed at the right place.

The best way to get this done is by having a compelling product description

And what does a compelling product description comprise of?

Well the key mix, or shall we say balance, is to share the benefits, additional product features, anticipated objections, and answers all at once in the product description.

In fact, this works best if you happen to be selling a product or service that you provide alongside numerous competitors. Your product description needs to breathtaking, convincing the potential buyer that they are making the right choice by selecting your option.

Make your description into a compelling story

There’s nothing more vivid and powerful than transforming a product description into a story that fires up all the right sets of emotions to convince the consumer to click on that purchase link.

You see, storytelling in ad sales has been used for decades to convince buyers to purchase a specific product.

And after a compelling story, comes the call to action at the end that wins the buyer completely over to make that purchase!

  1. Product Reviews

Last but not least, your Amazon product reviews play a vital role in your listing, as well as your conversion rate.

Because let’s face it. No one would want to buy a product that’s got a 2-star average, would they?

And this is what Amazon banks on too.

The reviews of other customers play a vital role in the psychology of a consumer. He or she needs to know that they are making the right choice.

If there are a number of reviews ranting about the dissatisfaction of a particular product, individuals will shy away from it because that’s what they believe they will get.

With this in mind, make it a habit to provide customers with the best goods and services around for complete satisfaction. In turn, you can bet you’ll get a couple of good reviews rolling your way in no time!

So there you have it! Your first baby steps in Amazon ad sales. Do you have any questions and queries regarding investing in Amazon marketing? If so, simply send us an email today and we will immediately get in touch with you regarding how to steer your Amazon marketing campaign in the right direction.