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Using Influencer Marketing to Spread the Message of Your Brand


Influencer marketing, or using those with established online communities to spread the message of your brand to your target market is skyrocketing. Influencer marketing delivers high ROI for your brand, helps you refine your strategy by really understanding your audience and expands the potential reach for your message.

In its simplest form, it helps you connect with your consumer by using the voice and presence of someone those in a specific community respects.

So how do you do it? Social media marketing and content marketing go hand-in-hand with influencer marketing. Think about this. What is a great way for community influencers to connect with those they influence? Social media. What do they share? Articles, graphics, videos, you name it. It’s all content. If your brand can create and send content that complements what the influencers community is already interested in on their social media outlets, you’re able to expand your reach to an interested and engaged community. Even better, the community influencer could create content around your brand and then share it.

In a survey of 125 marketers conducted by Tomson about their community influencer marketing, they found:

  • Blogs are the most effective influencer marketing channel
  • Influencer marketing is the fastest growing customer acquisition channel (22%)

A successful community influencer marketing campaign requires a genuine relationship between the brand and influencer. If this doesn’t exist, you risk losing credibility. Influencer marketing has some consequences if not done correctly, however, there are some great opportunities for real results. In the same Tomson survey, it was reported that businesses made $6.50 for every $1 spend on influencer marketing. THAT’S ROI.

Need more reason to give community influencer marketing a look?

According to research firm Yankelovich, the average American is shown 5,000 advertisements per day. This figure certainly gets the point across, we’re exposed to a ton of ads. In fact, we see so many that we’re starting to tune them out. With all the ads interrupting consumers these days, it’s no surprise that people love products like Adblock, Netflix and Spotify Premium.

It’s also worth mentioning that community influencer marketing is actually native advertising since it places brands and products within organic content. This organic content makes for a better experience for consumers and a more powerful marketing solution for brands. A recent study by MDG Advertising found that 70% of internet users want to learn about a product through content rather than through traditional advertising.

Not only does community influencer marketing build your brand and improve your sales numbers, but it is also a great search engine optimization strategy.

Are you still trying to build the right kind of strategy and relationship to have success with influencer marketing? As a tip, take some cues from who is responding to your influencer and incorporate those into your overall presence. You might even see ROI grow in other places!