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How To Take Risks When Starting A Business

Risks are part and parcel of daily life. From the moment those prominent rays of sunlight usher themselves into your home and dictate a new morning, to the moment you lay your head on the pillow after a long industrious day; you’re always taking a risk. In fact, nature has engineered us to be risk takers. Heck, even your marriage...

How to start a partnership with a digital marketing team that gets results

Are you frustrated with your current marketing team and looking for a new social media or digital marketing team that actually gets you results??  Well, here at Good Monster we have some experience on delivering measurable ROI based on the results you  want.  After years of managing social and digital media marketing accounts, we have learned a thing or two about running...

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How to Effectively Market Your Brand Online

Producing engaging content, branding yourself, and how to set yourself apart from your competition. Neil de Grasse Tyson loves talking about the universe. And if you’ve ever tuned into an episode of Cosmos, the coolest phrase you’ll probably hear him quip now and then is ‘our universe is expanding infinitely beyond the boundaries of space and time.’ Okay, so maybe...

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What Instagram Story Advertising Means for Consumer Brands

It's no secret that Instagram has all but monopolized the attention of the young adult community. From its onset, Instagram's "window-shopping" nature has been attractive to a culture that values instant gratification, luring Millennials and the younger Centennial generations. It’s a platform where people can get a quick snapshot and immediately decide what they love and what they don't about...

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We Really Need to Get Over Our Instagram Follower Obsession

We Really Need to Get Over Our Instagram Follower Obsession Good Monster gets approached every week from brands that want to increase their number of followers on Instagram. Many are willing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for the chance to get tens of thousands of Instagram followers with little regard to what the impact of an increased...

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