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5 Ways to Build Brand Power With YouTube

YouTube is one of the most powerful digital platforms for brands - engaging potential customers and showing people what your business has to offer them.  Not only will it allow people to see what you have to offer, but search engines will also rank videos that are relevant to people’s search terms. This gives you a huge opportunity to target...

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1 Simple Trick You’re Not Doing to Get Business from LinkedIn

I’ve been working with LinkedIn quite a bit lately for myself and for some of our clients – and its glaringly obvious to me that it beats out the other major social media networks as the best digital space to make real tangible business “friendships”. The most valuable offering is that 100% of the members are there for one main...

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How Twitter Can Open Up A Can of Customers On Your Business

Twitter is arguably the most influential modern news and social sharing tool in the world. It may not have quite as many registered users as Facebook, but it sure has more rapidly shared content – and it’s in real time. Businesses large and small better quickly get aquatinted with how to get "friendly" on Twitter.  So why aren't more local...

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Can Small Businesses Build Big Brands?

Short answer, No.  Long answer, Definitely! Allow me to elaborate.   Think of businesses like Coca Cola, IBM, Budweiser and GM.  These brands could feed small countries with their ad budgets, and they regularly blow a million dollars in a days worth of advertising.  Compare that to a $10,000 a year marketing budget of a small business and it's a little trickier to figure...

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StumbleUpon: User Interest Generated Content

StumbleUpon is one of my favorite sites on the internet. It is like a search engine that shows you only what you like. It's based on a few questions that you answer when you first sign up, then continually tracks what websites you view and "like" within their platform to recommend websites, blogs, images, etc. that you might like. Check...

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