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Can Small Businesses Build Big Brands?

Short answer, No.  Long answer, Definitely! Allow me to elaborate.   Think of businesses like Coca Cola, IBM, Budweiser and GM.  These brands could feed small countries with their ad budgets, and they regularly blow a million dollars in a days worth of advertising.  Compare that to a $10,000 a year marketing budget of a small business and it's a little trickier to figure...

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StumbleUpon: User Interest Generated Content

StumbleUpon is one of my favorite sites on the internet. It is like a search engine that shows you only what you like. It's based on a few questions that you answer when you first sign up, then continually tracks what websites you view and "like" within their platform to recommend websites, blogs, images, etc. that you might like. Check...

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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Bad Reviews on Facebook

Want to know the difference between doing business 20 years ago versus today? Customer service has become the make or break of most small businesses. It can build you into a local hot spot, or it can crush your hopes and dreams in a weekend. One of the most frequent customer service related questions that we get from business owners who are [still] reluctant...

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Engaging Customers And Going ‘Viral’

Probably 99% of us have seen the insanely popular "Honey Badger" video that has spread across YouTube with over 45 million viewers in a year. If you haven't, 'Google' the phrase 'honey badger' and you will find the first page filled with references to the hilarious viral sensation. So what do businesses and brands stand to learn from the honey badger? Well,...

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