Why Your Business Is Looking At Pinterest All Wrong

Pinterest is quickly becoming a gold mine for both online and offline retailers. From restaurants to shoe stores, clothing boutiques to salons, millions of businesses are finding that beautiful images paired with the right message make people want buy. It’s no secret that this is especially true with women. Need a little proof?


Pinterest has amassed 70 million users in it’s brief (3 year) life. With 80% of Pinterest’s user base being women, and women controlling 85% of America’s purchasing influence, Pinterest is not a marketing platform that businesses should take lightly. But posting your company’s special of the day with your smartphone is not enough. So what approach should you take?

If you’re a woman, what would make you want to re-pin an image about your products or services? If you’re a man, you need to think like a woman; and if you’re like most men, you should probably just ask one. Whatever the case is, you can pin all the content you want, but if it doesn’t speak to a woman’s desire to succeed, to be beautiful, to be loved or to laugh, then you’re wasting your time.

Here are a few things to know get your pins re-pinned:

  • If you are selling anything worth looking at, hire someone to take beautiful pictures of it
  • People are looking to dream when they are on Pinterest – show them you can full fill their wildest ones
  • Pinning happens at night
  • Use hashtags to attract pinners
  • Put images on your website
  • Put “Pin It” buttons next to the images on your website
  • Post clever copy with your pins
  • Re-pin allied brands images for more visibility

Just remember, social media platforms like Pinterest are only valuable for a brand if you can get your users to share the love. Pinterest is all about desire and beauty – keep these things in mind and you could start seeing dollar signs from your Pinterest account.