Content Marketing Will Pull People To Love Your Business

Quick, can you give me the definition of content marketing? If not, you need a lesson ASAP before even thinking about marketing your business online. Content marketing is exactly what it sounds like – it is content (whether text, photos, or video) that is produced by people, and marketed or advertised to other people. If it’s really good content then it might be shared organically by others – thus spreading the word about your brand.

This is what marketing on the internet is all about. Bringing people into your world and showing them what your thinking, doing, liking, and interested in – because if you happen to be sharing things that improve their lives, they will keep coming back for more.

Mark my words; if you are not doing some sort of digital content marketing right now, your business will be drowned in the sea of information online. Why? Because that’s THE only reason people use the Internet – to get information. If you aren’t providing people with some sort of value to your brand, they will forget you.

Technically, content marketing has been going on for hundreds of years via newspapers, letters, notes, etc. Basically, it’s selling people on your ideas; but today it has a much stronger meaning because there is so much information being produced by the second.

How much information exactly? Here is a little infographic we made to put it all into perspective.




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