6 Reasons Why CPG Companies need to include Amazon in their 2019 Marketing Strategies

Why Online Consumer Packaged Goods Need to Utilize Amazon in their Marketing Strategies

If by now, you’re still in the league of people saying NO to Amazon or still think you need enough time to ponder on why you should choose Amazon as your next sales tool then, this post is for you! Believe me, when I tell you that the saying “if you can’t beat them, you join them” is no fluke and with that being the major statement Amazon has been sending across all over the globe, I think consumer packaged goods brands (CPG) need to rethink their choice of marketing platform. Can CPG companies survive without Amazon? Of course! Opting for Amazon is an option but with where things are headed, consumer packaged products will have no choice someday if they want to erase their weak survival. Aside from a promising future prospect, other reasons why CPG companies should make Amazon their choice of e-commerce platform includes:

  1. Audience Size

This remains Amazon’s major selling point and comes to think of it, no other marketing platform can be compared to Amazon in terms of audience size. If it were only a function of size, it wouldn’t mean much but aside being huge, these customers are totally addressable and amidst them resides a pool of already established sellers. About a year ago, Erik Fairleigh; an Amazon spokesman disclosed the fact that Amazon had more than 200 million sellers and made global sales of over 200 billion. Worthy of note is the fact that most sales were made by individual sellers who made Amazon their choice of marketing platform. I’m sure by now you know what you’ve missed. Do you want to miss it again?

  1. Own Ad Products

In contrast to other standalone e-commerce platforms, Amazon’s algorithm allows for unsolicited referrals. The last time you were on Amazon, I know you saw a list of recommended products and you checked it out. Now imagine over 100 people checking out the same thing in a matter of microseconds, how many consumers do you think will purchase via this recommended page? Never forget the fact that their new interest may not be the chief purpose of visiting the marketing platform but the redirected consumers may change your brand’s potential for good!

  1. Better Fulfilment

Heard of Amazon FBA as part of an Amazon marketing strategy? If YES, then you know by now this is one of the sweetest marketing features you can get on any e-commerce platform. Amazon FBA is a feature that makes sellers do less while earning their normal profits. With Amazon FBA, selling online is where your work ends! Amazon takes full responsibility for packaging the product and delivery. If any issue should ensue, its customer service handles it for you. What more can you ask for?

  1. Unique Customer Service

Like I mentioned in point 3, the back end customer support Amazon offers is second to none. It is this stellar department designed to prevent, solve, and make customers delighted. I would say that this is the backbone of their business and why users trust them so much. With over 16 supported languages from 130 locations all around the world, I dare you to tell me which other customer services can boast of this level of uniqueness.

  1. CPG Value

If you think a trademark like Nike doesn’t understand what it is doing by merging with Amazon, then, I think it is high time you start guessing right! With reviews showing an estimated 59% increase based on direct sales between 2016-2017, consumer packaged goods have become assets of inestimable value. If you form an alliance now, a jaw-dropping result is guaranteed!

  1. King of E-commerce

Amazon doesn’t just own 49% of total e-commerce, it is accountable for more than half of online marketing transactions. Thus, it is a moving train you want to be a part of, no doubt!

Team-Up + Wrap-Up

Don’t take my word for it, do your homework, and find out more reasons why Amazon remains your best bet when it comes to CPG sales and marketing. We at Good Monster know that this can be a daunting task. Finding a company to partner with that understands your brand and that can effectively help you get started on this journey is the toughest part. It is important to have a dedicated team in-house or out-of-house to take this task on. If this isn’t done correctly you can miss a lot of the small nuances involved and bottleneck your productivity on the Amazon platform. If you need some more information on beginning steps, feel free to reach out and we will set you on a profitable path.

On a parting note, I would like to say there is no bad time to make the right choice, however, the sooner the more cash flow.



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