FB’ing like Katniss


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What do you do when you “can’t even” with FB ads anymore? ????

You’re not going crazy. FB ad prices are rising exponentially. On FB between 2017 and 2018 alone, ad prices went up 122%.  The results? In 2017, FB ad revenue was a whopping 39.9 billion. In 2019? That revenue rose to an almost unbelievable 69.5 billion❗



With online shopping becoming more pervasive and marketing efforts moving more and more toward the digital landscape, the scramble for viewer’s attention has become increasingly competitive on social media platforms that control ad space, most notably FB. We’ve allowed the growth of a bid system for our cost-per-clicks, cost-per-views, and cost-per-likes wherein the highest bidder has the most likelihood of being seen by a potential consumer.


It’s a simple equation:

Limited ad space + unlimited companies vying for said ad space =

FB controls how much you spend per ad and when and how often consumers will be exposed to your business, without virtually any policing. ????


With the rapid digital expansion forced on by this pandemic, it will only get worse.

Make no mistake, FB is an authoritarian regime. They can change the game however they see fit: raise prices, implement algorithms to decrease visibility, and overall make it feel impossible for small business to get seen over their wealthy, well-known competitors.

So, how do you deal with a dystopian overlord?


You take advice from your dystopian heroes.

Suzanne Collins is releasing a #HungerGames prequel on May 19 and Lionsgate just announced this week their plan to film the prequel. In honor, let’s approach combating our FB overlord with a bit of Katniss Everdeen flair. Yes, some of us at Good Monster are fans of young adult novels. ???? Join us on the dark side, wont’ you?


How do you be a Katniss Everdeen when it comes to battling Game Master Facebook? Follow these guidelines:


1) ???? You may need to play the game, but you don’t always need to play by the rules. How? You can turn into your own media company whereby you produce exciting visual content and copy on platforms that you control, such as your website and email. After you’ve posted on those platforms then you can use your marketing budget to boost content via FB ads to drive more views…..back to the platform that you control. It may take longer to get a return on investment, but you’ll build a long-term relationship with your consumer base and you get control of when your content goes and when it stays. You will still need FB ads to initially attract attention, but at the end of the day once you build a loyal base, you won’t need FB to determine when you get seen.


2) ???? Make allies. Everyone needs a Peeta (or two or three or five) in their life. There are other platforms that you can align yourself with outside of FB so that you can be successful. Say it with us: D-I-V-E-R-S-I-F-Y. You can make allies out of email marketing, SEO, TikTok videos, testimonials and influencers. Take the time to create a team of marketing platforms and when one avenue fails, you’ll always be able to have another path.


3) ???? Make the people fall in love with you. Bust out your fire dress and get this party started! People will remember you if they know, trust, and love you. Invest in making a QUALITY product, make sure your brand makes people FEEL what you want them to feel, and be CREATIVE and UNIQUELY YOU with your content. When people know you, you won’t need to rely on FB for support and sustenance. Take for example Nike, who didn’t like the way that Amazon was dealing with third party sellers of their products and pulled their supply from Amazon. Did it hurt them? No. People love Nike. People will still find Nike. No Amazon overlord needed.

Follow these steps and you might just survive that FB chokehold. You don’t just need to accept “it is what it is.” You have the power to be your own hero. To control your outcome. This fight ain’t over yet. ????



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