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We Are Your New Marketing Department

Over the past 4 years my team and I have created over $10 million in direct revenue and delivered over 20,000% in ROI for client partners. Let's rock!

John Timmerman,
Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategist

What Is A Fractional CMO?

Good Monster’s Fractional CMO Program is a 12 month program designed for established businesses who are ready for rapid and efficient growth, but lack marketing leadership and direction.

Good Monster’s founder, John Timmerman, is a business operator and marketing leader with over a decade of experience growing brands, leading teams, managing large budgets and generating revenue for D2C and B2B businesses.

John and his executives work together with your team to create and execute a strategic marketing plan to efficiently grow your business for short term results and long term sustainability.

Who Is The Fractional CMO Program For?

The Fractional CMO Program is for established businesses who need guidance optimizing their product, pricing, placement and promotion without the expensive price tag that comes with identifying, recruiting, hiring and onboarding a Chief Marketing Officer.

Our program is designed to be faster and more cost efficient than hiring an in-house marketing team, yet covers the same essential needs of a growing company.

We Specialize In B2B And DTC

In his role as CRO, John was the catalyst for expanding and transitioning our thinking into the digital marketplace with a better understanding of sales and marketing efforts in both our traditional distribution channels and in the ecommerce arena. John has an infectious enthusiasm and a thoughtful “can-do” attitude that energized our entire team to explore new market approaches and create new synergistic opportunities. John adds fun to hard work. Without hesitation I recommend John as a high-level strategic thought leader and a genuinely wonderful person.

– Anne Menter, Owner, B2B Food Service Product Manufacturer


Meet with your team to fully immerse ourselves in your business

Perform deep audience pattern analysis and modeling

Provide effective brand position and market growth strategies

Guide creative and content direction

Review and manage omnichannel marketing strategy

Determine KPIs for marketing initiatives

Develop sufficient/efficient marketing budget

Work alongside Leadership, Sales, Ops, Development and Customer Success teams

Benchmark and measure ongoing marketing data

Hire internal and external marketing teams as needed

Present opportunities with the latest technology and
best practices

Design, plan and execute effective periodic and seasonal marketing campaigns

Common Goals

  • Streamline and Organize Marketing Efforts
  • Increase Return on Marketing Spend
  • Increase Top-line Revenue
  • Gain Market Share
  • Prepare to Sell Your Company
This can be achieved through our Fractional CRO Program

Typical First 6 Month Schedule

First 3 months
  1. Education: brand, company, culture, mission, team, existing budget
  2. Discovery: roadblocks, opportunities, platforms, channels, LTV, CAC
  3. Plan: Goals, KPIs, macro/micro strategies, creative, technology, suggested budget, packaging, service
  4. Setup: partnerships, platforms, content production, initial tests
  5. Hire: onboard partners, agencies, and employees as needed
Months 4-6
  1. Review/Present: test results and long term/short term marketing strategies
  2. Launch: developed campaigns and long term/short term initiatives
  3. Analyze: marketing and advertising initiatives, new resources, team, opportunities, LTV/CAC
  4. Scale: high-performing initiatives
  5. Cut: low-performing initiatives
  6. “Fine-tooth-comb” everything

Fractional CMO (Established business)

– Setup Phase: $15,000/month (First 3 months)
  • Strategy and Organization
– Transition Phase: $10,000 (Second 3 months)
  • Systems integration/ team-building
– Maintenance Phase: $5,000/month-to-month
  • Oversight/Insurance of efficiency and execution /Training and hand-off

Total Annual Cost = <$105,000

Fractional CMO
(Startup business)

– Setup Phase: $15,000/month (First 3 months)
  • Strategy and Organization
– Transition Phase: $15,000 (Second 3 months)
  • Systems integration/ team-building
– Maintenance Phase: $15,000 (Remaining 6 months)
  • Growth-focus/Oversight/ Insurance of efficiency and execution/transition prep

Total Annual Cost = $180,000

Cost of Traditional Full Time CMO*

*Based on data from Salary.com

Total Annual Cost = $619,000

“Hi, I’m John. I love talking strategy and solving problems, so let me know when you are ready!”


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