How Brands Can Take Advantage Of Clubhouse

Learn About 2021’s Hottest App: Clubhouse

Even though we are on the cusp of being allowed to meet up in the club for the first time in over a year, a new kind of club is gaining popularity. Everyone is going to it, and just like everything else these days, it is virtual.

Yes, we are talking about Clubhouse, the hottest and potentially biggest app of 2021.

When clubs finally do reopen, make sure you are following the trend so you do not end up looking for everyone else like this 👇



What Exactly is Clubhouse?

Glad you asked, and please know there is no shame in not being able to stay current with the newest apps and social media platforms. At times it can feel like a full-time job (okay, maybe not that bad, but still difficult).

Clubhouse is an auditory social network where people from anywhere in the world can meet in “rooms” to chat, listen and learn from each other.

And it is all live.

If you have ever wanted to be privy to a conversation and said, “If I was a fly on the wall” you are in luck because Clubhouse enables you to be exactly that 🦟

This platform permits you to observe and learn by listening to peers, industry experts, entrepreneurs and others discuss topics you have an interest in.

A few quick points about it 👇

  • The users who start the room and/or are the ones speaking “onstage” are moderators, and they dictate if the room is public, private or listen only.
  • The people who are not moderators are the audience, and they are primarily listening but can raise their hands to offer their two cents.
  • What attracts people to Clubhouse and what will ultimately grow it are influencers and celebrities moderating rooms, such as Oprah Winfrey 👸🏿, Elon Musk 🚀 and Kevin O’Leary 🦈

You can attempt to connect with people in the same or similar field as you on other social media platforms, but the chances of actually getting anywhere are slim.

Entering a Clubhouse room grants you access to these additional perspectives you seek.


How Do I Use it?

After you initially download the app, only available for iOS users as of April 2021, it will begin to familiarize itself with you and your interests.

Once you share what you are there for, Clubhouse will begin suggesting rooms for you to join.

And then the magic happens 🤩

You will immediately connect with like-minded individuals who will enable you to evolve into a thoughtful leader and grow your brand, plus it serves as the ultimate networking tool.

Echoing what the great John Timmerman, Good Monster CEO, said on his YouTube channel, “Networking currently is the best feature of Clubhouse from a business perspective.”

By creating a profile on Clubhouse you are one step closer to expanding your network with people who will encourage you to take your brand to the next level 🎢


3 Ways Clubhouse Benefits Your Brand

Understanding the premise of Clubhouse is one thing, but learning how to leverage it to improve your brand is another.


Good Monster has lent you a helping hand in figuring out how to nail LinkedIn and how to be profitable on Amazon, and we are now going to teach you how being active on Clubhouse will grow your brand 🚀


Expand Your Reach

The first benefit of being on Clubhouse is quite simple: quality and interpersonal engagement with people interested in your industry, products and/or services is more attainable than ever before. The Internet, social media in particular, permits us to gain more exposure for our brands, and Clubhouse is no different in that aspect.

Since discovering groups of individuals with similar interests as you is an effortless process (see graphics above), your brand can begin building relationships with its target audience right off the bat.

An invaluable hallmark.

Expanding your reach does not end at identifying and marketing to your target audience, either. Other brands, including the competition, are on Clubhouse for the same reasons you are. Add those peers to your network to learn from, exchange ideas with and form relationships that may be beneficial for you and your business further down the road.

Afterall, networking on behalf of your brand is the best feature of the app, remember?


Tailor Your Message

Once you establish your brand on Clubhouse, you will become a moderator people want to hear from. Ideally, these people will be ones you connected with initially and others you picked up along the way who fit your target audience’s personas.

Now that you are familiar with the algorithm, you already know the audience has a genuine interest in what your brand offers. Embrace the common ground that brought you and your audience together and present a message it can resonate with.

If you know your audience is dealing with a specific problem, recognize it and immediately become more relatable. Discuss how and why it presents a burden, which strengthens your bond with the audience, and lastly, utilize this opportunity to illustrate how your brand has the solution.

This is a productive way to capture and hold the attention of listeners. It also keeps them coming back to your Clubhouse rooms, your brand’s website and other social media platforms.


Interact With the Audience

Clubhouse being an auditory platform is the main attribute setting it apart from other social media platforms, but what also deserves some attention is that your content is live.

Consider how much of a difference maker this truly is.

Twitter users can track down your brand’s tweet from four years ago and choose to share their thoughts on it tomorrow, or maybe later on today, someone will decide to comment on a Facebook post detailing the guidelines of an interactive forum your brand hosted two years ago.

But with Clubhouse, at least for now, a room’s content is only available right then and there. This means the audience only has a short window to participate; therefore, people may be more inclined to do so.


Remember members of the audience can raise their hands, so if you or any of the other moderators ask a question and really want the answers, you can announce moderators will be calling on those with their hands raised.

Akin to other social settings, once the first domino falls, they all do. Motivating the first person to step up to the plate to ask a question, answer a question or provide general feedback may be a challenge, but when one finally sets that precedent, others will follow.

Livening it up by interacting with the audience will also boost your room’s reputation, and in the long run, your brand’s reputation.


Numbers Don’t Lie

So this all sounds fine and dandy, but is there any hard evidence that this 💩 really works?


Yes 👇

  • Clubhouse had 2 million users in February 2021. It now has 10 million 🤯
  • The app’s valuation was $1 billion in January 2021, a $900 million increase from its valuation back in May 2020 💸
  • Over 432K of its approximate 480K ratings are five ⭐️
  • Approximately 2 million people use Clubhouse weekly, spending up to 22 hours on it 🤳
  • From October 2020 to April 2021, its amount of searches increased nine times compared to how often people searched it from May 2020 to October 2020 🔍

*According to Influencer Marketing Hub and Backlinko

How rapidly Clubhouse came onto the scene may have blindsided some, but know it is here to stay.

The data above indicates the app’s popularity classifies your brand being on it as vital in order to be successful in 2021 and beyond.


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