How to Effectively Market Your Brand Online

Producing engaging content, branding yourself, and how to set yourself apart from your competition.

Neil de Grasse Tyson loves talking about the universe. And if you’ve ever tuned into an episode of Cosmos, the coolest phrase you’ll probably hear him quip now and then is ‘our universe is expanding infinitely beyond the boundaries of space and time.’

Okay, so maybe you’re not so hyped about science and the cosmos like we are. That’s fine. But let’s start by taking a look at the bigger picture. Let’s liken the digital branding sphere we have today to the universe. And just like the universe, it’s expanding faster than we can say Neil de Grasse Tyson!

In fact, now more than ever, thousands of businesses, companies and brands are turning to new and exciting avenues of digital marketing and branding to reach new customer bases.  But it’s not enough to just start a business Facebook page or simply open a Twitter account; there is too much competition from other similar businesses. You need to be producing engaging, creative content tailored to your specific audience – and a lot of it!

That’s where we come in!  At Good Monster, we know how to navigate the complex arenas of digital marketing, online branding, SEO and social media marketing.  We understand what is needed when presenting your brand online – from identifying your target audience, to creating unique content (and continuing to create it!), and how to effectively set yourself apart from your competition in the digital space.

What are some good ways for businesses to brand themselves online?

By now, most businesses have at least a small online presence, running a Facebook page, Twitter account or an Instagram.  However, just posting sporadically on these accounts is not enough to keep people interested in your company, let own drive any sales or conversions.  In order to stand out and reach your desired audience, it’s best to have a comprehensive social and digital marketing strategy.

For those businesses just beginning to step into the online marketing world, here are a few things to consider with when creating your social media strategy:

  • Research your competitors and review their social media pages – What types of content are similar companies publishing on their social channels? What kinds of reactions are they getting? Pay attention to posts that get a lot of engagement (shares, likes, comments, retweets).
  • Identify and highlight your company’s strengths – What sets your company apart from your competition? Try to hone in on what makes your brand unique, and then create content showcasing that.  Remember when you were reviewing your competitors’ social posts? Make sure your content is different than what they are posting. Highlight your company’s strengths – what type of problems does your products solve? Why would your customers choose you over your competitors?   

Designing a digital marketing strategy that works for YOU

Now that you’ve begun the process of competitor research and are beginning to brainstorm ways in which your company stands out, it’s time to start to creating your digital marketing strategy.

Creating a comprehensive social and digital marketing strategy requires one to really hone in on the skills and aspects of brand building, social media marketing, audience targeting and all other avenues available in the digital marketing field. Again, that’s where we come in at Good Monster! As an agency, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of clients in various avenues of the digital marketing landscape; which is inevitably expanding every day.  

Here’s a good example. Just recently, Snapchat released Snapchat ads, a new platform that our clients have been looking to benefit from. That being the case, the first thing we had to do is orient ourselves effectively with the platform, and figure out the best practices that we can employ to give our clients utmost value. We’ve also had to understand the ever-changing search engine optimization landscape, website design and development, as well as the complexities involved with coding.

How do you know that the content you are publishing is responding with your audience?

Easy-peasy. Just take a look at the data. If you’re focusing on Facebook or Instagram, then you can use Insights section to see the engagement that all your posts are getting. Moreover, you’ll view important pointers such as the impressions, as well as the reach that you’re getting.

In order to create a great social media presence, you’ve got to have gut instinct and data in the mix. So pay attention to what content is getting the most engagement and focus on it. Secondly, you’ve got to look at the comments to get valuable feedback about the content that you’re putting out.

All in all, good content is about being transparent and presenting yourself. And to do so, you’ve got to focus on what your brand is and how you’re trying to build it. So always ask yourself this question; what is the story I’m trying to put out? If you can answer this question, then you’ll definitely find out what’s ideally working for you!




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