How to Optimize Google My Business

How to optimize google my business marketing

Google’s Role in Business

Google’s larger-than-life influence is evident in our speech. We say things like “I’ll Google it,” even though Google is not a verb, but rather a search engine civilization relies on.

What does society’s dependence on Google mean for business owners? 🤔

That they must utilize it in order to maximize their company’s potential. 💯

Like several marketing tactics, Google My Business works towards increasing brands’ engagement with their target audience.

GMB defined by the source👇

A free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. To help customers find your business, and to tell them your story, you can verify your business and edit your business information.

The first sentence is persuasive enough.

Optimization Process

Learning how to optimize GMB will grow your company’s online presence, so let us determine what we must do to accomplish this.

Be Thorough

Are you guilty of bypassing the “optional” sections when creating certain profiles, or even on a job application?

(How dare they not hire you after submitting an incomplete application)

Some advice: do not do this when setting up your GMB profile. Customers will perceive a half-assed profile negatively, so ensure all relevant information is present👇

🖥️ Website

☎️ Phone number

📧 Customer service email address

🕘 Business hours

🗺️ Address (if applicable)

Customers need visibility to these plus other details related to your business. Otherwise, you risk them choosing a competitor that did take the time to set up a complete profile. 

Publish Content Consistently

Maintaining an Internet presence requires your brand to put out content on numerous social media accounts and keep its own website current. Well, add GMB to your 💩-I-need-to-publish-content-on-a-lot list. 

Luckily, GMB posts are short. They just need to be frequent.

Consistent posts like Anoplate’s above will lead to more sales and generate more site traffic.

Upload Photos Regularly

In order to build a relationship with your target audience, your brand must appeal to customers, which uploading photos on a weekly basis creates.

Photos of your brand’s products and logo should be visible on your GMB profile, and as times goes on, upload user-generated content customers sent to you or found on social media. 

UGC enables customers to picture themselves using your brand’s products and doubles as social proof. ✅


GMB is another platform where you can enhance the user experience and earn trust. Interacting with customers makes them feel more valued, and awards you their loyalty. 

Simply respond and enjoy a higher retention rate. 😎

Plus, 72 percent of customers share a positive experience with a brand to six or more people, according to Slideshare, confirming a memorable user experience leads to scaling a business.


Just like you, Good Monster is in a results-oriented business, which is why we are advocating so hard for you to pursue GMB.

Social Proof

The obvious advantage of social proof is customers are bragging for you and serving as an additional selling point to new business.

The not-so-obvious advantage of social proof is it accounts for 10 percent of how search engines rank results, according to Moz. 🤯

So, more social proof leads to more sales and a higher search ranking. A higher search ranking leads to more sales and more social proof.

See where we are going with this?

Social proof literally drives business. Since you can obtain more of it on GMB, setting up an account is a no-brainer.


Information indicates what is working versus what is not, but gathering it can be a pain. Except when using GMB.

To develop a better understanding of your target audience, Google tracks👇

  • Keywords leading customers to your business
  • Engagement levels
  • Audience’s profiles, such as age and gender
  • Website clicks

All so you can create more effective marketing campaigns. 

Build Trust

A GMB profile increases the likelihood customers will consider your brand reputable by 2.7 times because they trust Google, according to Google.

See, we all trust Google!


Having a presence on the top search engine legitimizes your brand. Just make sure your company’s profile is complete so customers take it seriously.


“With how beneficial a GMB profile is, it must cost a fortune!”

No, it is FREE. Yes, absolutely free (scroll up to the top of this blog to see for yourself). 😲

Not many opportunities with this much long-term return exist. Especially ones costing zero dollars. Start yours to connect with your target audience and grow your business. 👊



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