How to survey your customers in 2021

how to survey your customers

Who loves filling out surveys? Nope. Pretty much no one. There’s no time for that nonsense in most people’s busy lives between buying stuff on Amazon, scrolling social, and binge watching everything in sight. 

Marketing managers and business owners hear this – The small number of times people fill out your survey, they are doing it half-assed so they can get that $10 off coupon you’re teasing them with.

Instead make sure you get a full-assed answer.

And, on top of that, measure which one gets the most actions.

Let’s jump into the best way to survey your audience and customers in 2021. 


Stop sending surveys to your customers. Most of them won’t answer you anyways. So now you’ve just left a tiny negative annoying door ding in the relationship with your customer. Change your tactics. Shift how you think of surveys. 

It’s a verb, not a noun. 

The word survey means the act of taking a comprehensive view of something; to appraise a situation or area of study. It’s an action to collect information when we think of it as gathering information from customers. 

Stop thinking of it as a noun – survey’s pretty much suck. You know those pesky things none of us want to click through to rate 0-10, unsatisfactory to somewhat satisfactory. Blah Blah, click quick and be done with it. That’s what most of us are thinking, right? Submit and move on. 

Turn your idea of a survey into the ACT of surveying – taking a view of something. Hit them with it when they even know they are giving you valuable feedback. How?

Sneak that “survey” in without them even knowing

  1. Take your customer list
  2. Upload as a lookalike audience on Facebook
  3. Run an ad campaign that shows them a few options that you’re trying to decide upon
  4. Test those options for the best engagement results

Edit Your List

Think about surveys you get. The proportion of companies you are actually emotionally invested in enough to want to give them your time to fill out a feedback form to the ones who ask you to fill out a form is, well, way out of proportion. These days I swear you look at a new product online and they send you a survey for it. Nice try, but no dice. 

Instead of blanketing all your customers in any funnel stage and any potential customer, edit yourself. Edit your list. 

Hear this >>> If you are going to send a survey, send it to your most loyal customers.<<<

They love you. You love them. Have a nice lovefest in the shape of glorious feedback, and maybe you’ll get some helpful data.

Also send it to people who have contacted customer service for anything–they are the ones that will give you honest answers. They might be the squeakiest wheel, so know their feedback might be edge cases. But if it’s feedback you want, feedback they shall give. 



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