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Good Monster!

We are fearless.

Good Monster is a fast growing marketing agency based in Syracuse, NY, with a network of team members that span the globe. Our mission is to design brand building strategies while driving top line revenue for our clients.


We value great communicators, empathetic personalities, and die-hard workers who are dedicated to their craft and the success of the work they do.


Everyday, we ask ourselves..


How can we make this more efficient?
How can we make this more effective?
How can we make this more remarkable?


NOTE: All of our positions are contract-to-hire. That means that if it appears to be a good fit, we will hire you on a contract basis, with the intent to hire full time if we work well together.

Open Positions

Director of UX & Conversion


The Director of UX & Conversion is a unique role that combines excellence in user experience design for DTC websites and on-page customer journey development based on data.

Affiliate Marketing Specialist


An Affiliate Marketing Specialist at Good Monster works closely with the SEO team and brand strategists to recruit and develop affiliate relationships that will bring great conversions and steady growth to our clients.

Services offered:

Content Marketing Specialist

Shopify Developer

Copywriter (US)

Account Manager

Digital PR and Outreach Manager

Executive to the CEO

eCommerce Marketplace Specialist

SEO Copywriter

Director of Web Development

Digital Media Strategist


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