Mobile Marketing Optimization

If your business is intending on growing throughout 2015 and beyond, mobile-optimized marketing should be at the forefront of your marketing plan.

Mobile-optimized marketing means that you are creating content to be easily consumed on mobile devices, and attracting a high-level of engagement. Up until 2013, a brand could get away with crafting content that simply “fit” on a mobile device screen. But now,  46% of searchers use their mobile phones exclusively when doing research. This means businesses need to create their content specifically for mobile devices, not just to fit on them.

Here are a few points to think about when creating your business’s strategy and marking sure your business is ready for mobile marketing optimization.

Rise of Mobile Devices

More and more people are consuming content through mobile devices. This increase along with the popularity of content marketing has caused brands to build (sites and content) specifically for mobile devices. Brands can now utilize these platforms as a way to capitalize on the benefits of content marketing. Even applications have grasped the importance of social media marketing and are creating ways for customers to purchase items without having to leave the app. If your business wants to succeed this year, you must adapt to these changing platforms.

Responsive Web Design

The rapid growth in the use of mobile devices directly correlates with an increased use of smaller screens and the need for a responsive web design. Having a completely responsive website in conjunction with displaying “to-the-point” content is a necessity. It is important to eliminate anything that makes conversions more difficult such as location, phone number, or contact. By adding a “Click to Call”, “Book an Appointment” and “Click for Directions” you will optimize a user’s experience of your site. It is important that websites be as easy as possible for customers to find exactly the information they’re searching for.

Partner with Neighboring Local Businesses

The local businesses around you can be your biggest allies. By utilizing social media, local businesses can unite through social media by cross-posting and promoting each other’s products and services. Through cross-promotion with each other, each individual business can improve their connections by sharing information, photos, and reviews across social media. Instagram in particular is perfect for this type of strategy because it is a mobile-only platform.

Voice Search Optimization

In a recent study, Google reported that 55% of all teens use voice search. Furthermore, both teenage and adult populations have reported they believe the voice search feature will continue to be utilized at a high frequency. This will push businesses to really embrace voice search. This change in how people search for products and services has resulted in a very specific “long-tail” searches. These types of specific searches tend to lead to better conversions so optimizing your content, locations, and contact info will become more and more important.


Brands tend to speak in their “corporate voice.” However this often doesn’t foster a real connection, lacks responses, and consumers can see right through it. It is important to know where your customers are on social media, but also how to interact with them. When businesses connect with consumers by “talking human” this can create brand loyalty and lead to higher conversion rates.

On Demand Content

An increasing number of people are now reading reviews and/or watching videos before making a purchase or using a service. By creating content that is available on-demand, such as YouTube videos, consumers can gather information about the business’ product or service wherever they are and wherever they want. Audio only content, such as Podcasts, are another great example of on-demand content. Unlike videos, audio-only content is a great way to build relationships with your target audience while they are in the car or driving to work.


As the landscape of digital marketing continues to evolve, brands need to continually adapt to the changing consumption of content by consumers. By implementing an audit of your own brand, you will be able to determine whether or not your business is ready for the changing trends.



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