The Attention Show News: Twitter Partners with Google, Social Signals Important for SEO


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Once again, Twitter and Google are back together. In early February 2015 it was announced that Google and Twitter reached an agreement that will give Google access to Twitter’s stream.

The details of this particular partnership are still unclear. What we do know is that Google now has access to 9,000 tweets per second. This makes perfect sense since Google is all about timely information. But what does this mean for Twitter? Well, massive exposure for one. If something happens on Twitter and Google feeds it to customers, it could position Twitter as an even bigger influencer.

What about marketers though?

For search marketers specifically, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results. As a tweet goes live, it will then show in the SERPs and could even make its way to the knowledge graph.

With the details of this partnership still unclear, marketers need to take notice as real time marketing will be more important than ever. Stay tuned!