Remarketing Strategy: How to Attract More Leads

Get the Most out of Customers

For every 100 visitors a successful business’ landing page sees, less than 10 complete the buying process. A slightly above average company will earn six to nine sales, and one in the middle of the road won’t even get three.

This is both disheartening and encouraging. Here’s why👇

🥕 First, your veggies: you do all that work for a measly conversion rate.

🍰 Okay, now dessert: this makes it clear who to focus your company’s remarketing efforts on.

It would be nice if every member of your target audience ended up being a quality lead, but this is the real world, so either keep dreaming or start capitalizing on your existing customers.


Once you come back to reality, you can learn how to achieve this.

Wait, are retargeting and remarketing the same?


Retargeting: includes tactics to bring back previous visitors to give you a second chance at converting them.

Remarketing: includes tactics to bring back previous customers to give you another chance at selling them something else.

Now that we’re clear on this, let’s stay on track for the rest of this blog by discussing five effective strategies.

Email marketing

Running consistent email marketing campaigns ensures your brand stays atop customers’ minds. Even if they do not read every email, these campaigns make your brand more visible.

There’s a reason 89 percent of marketers utilize them, per

But what should you do to encourage customers to come back for more? 🤔

💡 Create personalized promotions for products or services you know they want! 

A plethora of information is at your fingertips, including order history and heat maps, so use your resources to craft promos you know will entice them.

In addition to bringing in more revenue, email marketing is also your chance to earn customers’ trust. It is worth taking the time to connect with them because, in the end, they will always choose the brand that best accomplishes this.

Paid media

Adding paid media to your brand’s remarketing strategy is advantageous because you can easily learn what these customers want and where they are.

Due to how expensive and competitive paid media can be, including it in your brand’s remarketing strategy, as opposed to marketing strategy, may result in a higher ROI because it is going after people who have already purchased something.


Work smarter, not harder.

Create a Community

Your brand’s club, VIP list or whichever name you chose for your loyalty program, now has the target audience within the target audience to, dare we say it again, tar—go after.

(“Target” three times in one sentence? No way.)

Approximately 80 percent of online shoppers are one-time buyers. On the surface, this may appear discouraging, but really think about this. That means close to all online shoppers have yet to find a brand they feel connected to.

👉 Insert your brand here 👈

Spend time creating a community customers want to be a part of by👇

  • Asking them questions
  • Identifying their needs
  • Understanding and coming up with solutions for their problems
  • Offering them exclusive promotions
  • Outdoing the competition without saying you’re outdoing the competition
  • Prioritizing customer service

The customers you are remarketing to have at least some interest in your brand. 

Give them a reason to have a lot.


A certain go-to keyword that was responsible for high sales one week will not always garner the same results the next. That is because the algorithms in the world of SEO are ever-changing, and it is important you change with them.

Stay in tune with what the audience you’re remarketing to is likely to search because it will lead them back to your site, and then they will evolve into the loyal customers you envision them being.

How do you accomplish this?

That’s a question for the SEO specialist, not the writer (who’s thankful for the SEO specialist because he led you to this blog).

Avoid drowning your customers


Okay, obviously you shouldn’t drown your customers, or anyone for that matter, but in this context, we mean don’t bombard them with ads just because they bought one item!

Especially when they see the same one over and over again, customers will grow tired of your brand and may consider it creepy for being so persistent.

That’s a reputation you don’t want.

To avoid severing the relationship so early on, make sure this part of your target audience isn’t seeing the same ad too frequently. If you are against reducing the number of ads, at least switch up the copy and change the images so they perceive it as something new.

Reevaluate and Remarket

So many companies waste valuable resources trying to acquire new customers, when they would be doing themselves a favor by focusing on the customers they already have.

Establishing a connection with customers and getting sales are both hard enough. So, rather than spending energy on marketing strategies that reach a broader audience, remarket to the people who are giving your brand a chance to earn their trust.

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