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Good Monster started as a video production shop in 2012 and have grown into a full-service digital agency based in Syracuse, NY offering our wonderful clients from around the globe high quality services in SEO, social media marketing, website design, web development, Amazon marketing and new media marketing.

At our core we are marketers. We can’t help it. In fact some of our employees have left thinking they wanted to be doctors and lawyers (literally Nia and John), but came back because they got a rush from thinking critically, creating strategies and beautiful creative that moves people, or makes people move.

Over the course of our 4 years with our finger on the pulse of digital marketing we have helped clients generate millions of dollars in direct revenue, millions more in residual revenue, millions of qualified website visitors, thousands of engaged social media followers and at least twenty ear to ear smiles when we told them these numbers.

Social Media Marketing Case Study

$1.1 Million in New Revenue

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Amazon Marketing Case Study


Social media marketing case study - beaba


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Social media marketing case study - honchos


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Lawyer Marketing Case study- zeaproukou

Increased Leads through optimized strategy

SEO Case study for National Industrial Finishing Client


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Good Monster has been helping local, national and international companies grow their business through SEO, social media marketing, website design and web development, video production and marketing strategy since 2012.

Our clients are the reason we exist, and their success is the reason we have grown.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies are a dime a dozen these days, let’s be honest. Anyone with a laptop, a cell phone and a Facebook account can call themselves a digital marketer. But digital marketing isn’t about talking the talk, it’s about the cold hard results.

It’s about generating business results that advance a company towards their goals; whether that’s building a bigger brand, generating more leads, or driving more holiday sales than last year. Understanding the complex digital landscape isn’t easy, and one of the best ways to identify a great digital marketing agency is to find one that tells you NO.

An agency that says Yea we can do that all the time should be a clue to you that it’s not a good fit. Not only do you want an agency that has experience in digital marketing, but you want one that is proactively honest. You want an agency that will tell you when your ideas are bad. You also want an agency that will admit when there’s are bad. Nothing is ever perfect in the world of marketing, and it’s only getting less perfect as consumers have billions more distractions from the message you are trying to get to them.

What a great digital marketing agency will do is tell you realistic results that you can get from their work, based on past experience or knowledge of trends in the market. A great agency will work proactively and communicate much of that work; and they will push you to work harder, so that they can work harder.



What Makes Good Monster The Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business?

Of course we pride ourselves on our personality, charisma, client services and communication, but the results are what keeps us growing and our clients happy.

From national restaurant franchises to international CPG brands, we’ve generated some amazing results, in a very short period of time. We did it through honesty, integrity, proactivity and continuous communication, and we have been lucky to have some amazing brands and products to partner with.

We know people
With all the of different work that we do, one things stands tall above all else–we understand consumer behavior. No matter what the product is or who the customer is, we understand what makes people tick. That is the most powerful tool of all in marketing and business.

We know marketing
Marketing platforms change every day, which forces the best agencies to be agile.

SEO agencies have to understand what makes Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, eBay and all the other search engines tick. They have to understand that hacking their system will not bring long term value to their clients (just Google ‘JCPenny SEO Disaster’).

Social Media agencies have to realize that followers will put a smile on your clients face, but it won’t do much for revenue.
Website Design agencies need to realize that a beautiful website won’t always drive results.

Many agencies get caught up in the science of their specialty, and lose sight of the most important factors:

• Can the right people find your brand at the right time?
• Does the product solve a problem that they have?
• Is there a clear advantage to selecting you over your competition?

These three things together will bring you more business than you know what to do with. They should be the core of any and all marketing programs. Everything should stem from these values and they should always return to them.

No matter whether we are working on SEO, social media, website design or development, these are the values that we hold close to our chests during any and all decisions about marketing with our clients.

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