Search Engine Marketing, Easy PPC Wins

Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to reach the best prospects at a critical time in their purchasing cycle. Knowing this, let’s discuss some ways you and your marketing team can gain some easy PPC wins.

Get More Out of Ad Extensions

A number of advertisers fall into a “set it and forget it” trap when it comes to adding extensions. You certainly don’t need to tweak them on a regular basis, they do however need to be reviewed from time to time.

As marketers, it’s important that we become familiar with the different types of ad extensions that have come out. The “Kings of Search” have moved from providing mostly informational add-ons such as location and basic site link extensions to more sales-oriented options like callouts, enhanced site links, and structured snippets. These newer extensions present a huge opportunity because they give marketers the opportunity, beyond character limits, to promote their products.

While Google gets a lot of the headlines, and rightfully so as it dominates the search market share, but there are exciting things happening over at Microsoft. Recently, not only has Bing released image extensions, but they have also announced that they are testing interactive variations like video and Action Link extensions (this would allow marketers to use CTA buttons that link to a landing page).


Remarketing is another great way to find new customers and it’s even pretty simple to set up. Many advertisers are running remarketing campaigns through Google and many or seeing results. In addition to Google and Bing, Facebook is another avenue worth exploring. If you’re already advertising on Facebook, it would be wise to expand your efforts to include remarketing. If you need a reason to include remarketing on Facebook, let this stat sink in, remarketing ads get 3 times more engagement than regular ads. There are three ways to develop remarketing audiences on Facebook. You can target website traffic (like AdWords and Bing) your app users or lists of people who you’ve already had contact with.

Try Customer Match

In the fall (Fall 2015) Google released Customer Match targeting. This allows AdWords advertisers to engage in identity-based marketing, by uploading lists of their prospects email addresses which Google then matches to specific users. This lets advertisers adjust their bids and cater their ad messaging for each list segmentation. Let’s say a customer is pretty far along in the buying process, marketers are now able to set aggressive bids to prioritize ad positioning.

There you have it, three quick and easy wins you can gain that will help your PPC results. If you want to learn about how our team can use search engine marketing and PPC to drive qualified traffic to your website, contact us today!




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