Video Production


videoproductionOver four billion videos are viewed each day on YouTube alone. With this fact on the rise, your videos must be able to socialize.

In today’s always-connected world, context is just as important as content. Making sure your videos are designed and able to adapt to the changing social media landscape is a must. Videos are now the number one consumed form of media on the internet – and mobile video views will be the dominant form of mobile communication.

Good Monster’s team of in-house videographers understands how your content is going to be retweeted, liked, shared and reviewed. Because of this, we keep this in mind throughout the entire production process. We know that video content needs to be “social ready” and in many cases, we will build “social versions” of your video content.

Our clients already have/are implementing an established social media presence and having video content wrapped into the plans paves the way for a successful campaign. Good Monster will act as a social media content partner, looking ahead to the different channels through which your videos will be viewed.

Our team of videographers will work with you to create custom crafted social media videos and partner with you on the distribution and measurement for each channel.