Social media is just a trendy term for the present day internet. Any business that relies on customers and leads that hopes to survive and thrive in the future should be investing in social media.

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Our View on the Value of Social Media Marketing

Good Monster has built it’s reputation and developed it’s social media marketing agency services and on helping businesses and brands find the best ways to grow their revenue online. We are not romantic to a specific platform or strategy, we are only romantic to our core values known as the 3 B’s:

• Be effective
• Be efficient
• Be remarkable

The 3 B’s have led us to focusing heavily on social media marketing for our clients and their businesses over the past 5+ years. Whether you are selling baby products or auto insurance, it’s simply the most efficient and effective way to market your business.

For both B2B companies and consumer-focused brands, social media offers a platform to connect with potential customers unlike anything else in advertising. You can educate, entertain and engage your audience all at the same time. It is one of the only places that you can still market your business with no advertising spend if you are really good, or very little spend even if you are not.

With the growing saturation of content across platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, people tend to think that the golden age of social media is dying; but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many businesses are simply approaching social media marketing the wrong way.

Social media marketing should not always be approached as another way to advertise your business or brand. Think of it as the new ‘word of mouth’. It’s a sharing platform that just happens to also sell advertising. The businesses that will succeed are the companies who are creating content on these platforms that engages their target audience.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

As social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram have become more and more popular, brands have jumped on the opportunity to engage potential customers using them. This has caused a heavy overflow of content and ads that a consumer sees everyday. One way that has proved valuable to break into a consumer’s sphere of attention is to work with a person that they already follow to promote your products, service or brand. These people that already have the attention of an audience are known as influencers.

Although influencer marketing is somewhat of a modern day buzzword, it has been in practice since the dawn of advertising. Brands have been paying celebrities, athletes, local heros and other notable figures to help promote their products and services for many years. The rise of social media, and the global network that it has created, has allowed people who are not necessarily traditional celebrities to amass a following, thus turning them into ‘Internet celebrities’ with thousands or millions of people following them.

This has allowed many influencers to develop part time and full time jobs creating engaging content that engages large groups of people, and working with brands to introduce products that they believe in.

Although influencer marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy for any company to utilize, each one is different and must be treated as so.



Why Are the Best Brands Winning on Social Media?

Social media is just the modern term for the Internet; it is no longer this separate entity, but a living, breathing, global network of content, apps and websites that allow people to share ideas in real time.

The best social media strategies understand that people need to be listened to, not talked at. They want to feel that their voice is important and that someone is paying attention. The brands that are winning the social media marketing game are the ones that are telling stories that people relate with, laugh at, cry over and share with their friends. The brands that are winning are creating flexible content machines that plan months ahead, yet remain reactive minute-by-minute in order to maintain their relevancy within their core audiences lives.

The traditional advertising strategies of buying media for the quarter and letting it run doesn’t work well on social media due to it’s real time sharing tendencies. This means that brands that want to succeed on social media need to plan out their promotions months ahead, while reserving resources to create quick content around current events, new developments and changing trends.

Relevancy is the key to any great social media campaign. For instance, a car dealership that just pumps out monthly ad buys for $500 off MSRP won’t get the attention of a 35 year old who is in the market for a new car. Instead, a car dealer might run a Facebook ad that holds a contest for the number of miles driven in a week. The winner will earn the first two months of a new car payment free of charge. They can run this promotion to an audience on Facebook of people who are likely to buy a new car. This way they are engaging the local audience on a deeper level, and encouraging them to participate in something fun, while earning the chance to get an amazing offer.

Ideas like these are what will earn a spot in consumers’ hearts and minds. The brands that are winning on social media are putting thought into each campaign while reverse engineering their customers day-to-day lives and meeting them where they are already going.

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