8 Dope Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

Did you know that St. Patty’s Day is the 4th most popular drinking day in America?

Find this and more interesting facts below in our first…

“Holiday Info-Motion-Graphic Feature”

Or if your ADHD kicked in and you don’t have enough time to watch the video, share our Infographic below:


Have a safe and happy holiday!!

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Upstate New York’s Best Food Cities

Here at Good Monster, we love our food.

One day at lunch we got in a heated debate about which Upstate New York city is packed with the most passionate foodies. Being as none of us could really prove which city had the most fantastic food-friendly residents, we decided to do a little research.

Over the better part of a week, we scoured the internet for the top 10 restaurants in prominent Upstate New York cities, based on online reviews on Urbanspoon.com. Then we analyzed their “social worth” by looking at their Facebook and Twitter followers. Finally we took the number of restaurants and divided that by the total population of the city. This gave us a value of restaurants/person, thus telling us which city has the highest density of restaurants relative to the number of people. By compiling all the info we came up with a ranking for each city and a nifty infographic.

So tell us in the comments below, what are your favorite Upstate New York restaurants?



Syracuse Likes Facebook (We proved it)

Over the past year Good Monster has grown quite a bit. We have moved to a new building in East Syracuse, we have a hired a few employees to keep up with our client work and now we have added a data research division.

In addition to our creative services we have begun analyzing social business in Syracuse, CNY and throughout the country. What is social business you say? It’s the practice of businesses using the internet and social media platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube – to connect with their potential customers.

But writing about it is boring, so here’s a pretty picture to show you how much Syracuse likes it’s businesses (and what industry is most popular).


Syracuse Ranked 3rd Snowiest City in the U.S.

Well it’s that time of year again. The snow is coming (or already here for some of you), the holiday music is playing everywhere you go and you still haven’t bought any gifts (oh crap!).

To be happy in Central New York you have to love snow, or at least like it (ok as long as you deal with it, you’re good to go). Here at Good Monster we love the snow! The fluffy white stuff gets us in the holiday spirit and bumps our creative levels up to “high!”

As of December 11th, 2013, it was released that our winter wonderland of a city (Syracuse) is still defending our Golden Snow Globe title of the 3rd snowiest city in America with 13.4 inches in 2013. So to show you how much snow we really get year after year, we put together this little infographic that shows why we are the snowfall kings of the US!