Syracuse Business Needs to Step Up Their YouTube Game

YouTube isn’t anything new – in fact they just celebrated their 9 year anniversary in February. Even though they have over 1 billion unique users globally, each month, local businesses still are reluctant to utilize the valuable platform for their own marketing.

Good Monster’s hometown of Syracuse is often the subject of our “local” studies and research. Recently, we did a little digging into the global statistics of YouTube usage and compared to which Syracuse businesses were using it effectively.

Take a look at the results:


While Syracuse is a little low on the Richter scale of YouTube domination, there are plenty of opportunities to inject their story into your audience’s hearts using the super valuable platform.

For ways to build your brand with YouTube, check out – 5 Ways to Build Brand Power With YouTube.

What is the Fastest Way to Attract New Customers?

There is an old saying, the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving yours.

Why is that?

Think back to the relationships in your life; most of you have experienced that feeling of emptiness after an argument, breakup or worse – the no-call-back after a few dates.

There is nothing that draws on a person’s curiosity more than the unknown; and when you aren’t sure what someone you care about is thinking, that unknown space seems to consume your entire being. You start thinking about all the possibilities, and your imagination runs wild with curiosity.


What if I leave just one more voicemail, will she pick up? What if she is just really busy? What if maybe I just need to shower him with love? Most likely, none of these “possibilities” are true, but what if?

Now, let me be clear, I’m not suggesting that neglecting customers will attract them to your brand – definitely not. I am however, suggesting that you can spark curiosity through thought-provoking questions, stories that your audience can relate to, testimonials of people that have had success with your brand and anything else that can perk up their imagination while drawing them closer to your brand.

It works in relationships when one party stops paying attention to the other; What if I leave just one more voicemail?

It works in scary movies when the victim is tip-toeing through an empty house looking for the bad guy; Gee, I wonder if the bad guy around the corner?

And it works in marketing when you give your audience a platform to engage their imagination; what if….

What if I get those shoes, will I run faster?

What if I buy those golf clubs, will I hit the ball further? Straighter?

What if I purchase that concealer, will I look younger?

These are all common responses to traditional TV, print and radio advertisements, which show celebrities or actors who look faster, stronger and younger – but what about social media? How does social media peak curiosity?

In the most powerful way possible, that’s how.

In fact that is precisely why social media is so huge. Not only does the storifying nature of social media excite curiosity more than any other platform – but it immediately satisfies that curiosity by letting followers take a peek inside another person’s life and learn from them through information sharing.

People used to wonder wonder what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else shoes. Now social media allows them to come pretty close by following them and engaging with their stories.

This rapid, recurring cycle of curiosity-sparking and information-sharing makes social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter rather, addicting (we will be the first to admit, we have a problem).

So whether you’re crafting a tweet or a TV commercial, give your audience content that will peak their curiosity and excite their imagination. They will follow you until they satisfy that curiosity.

If you’re really good, you’ll do this over and over, effectively keeping the audience’s attention – just like a good horror movie.

Syracuse Likes Facebook (We proved it)

Over the past year Good Monster has grown quite a bit. We have moved to a new building in East Syracuse, we have a hired a few employees to keep up with our client work and now we have added a data research division.

In addition to our creative services we have begun analyzing social business in Syracuse, CNY and throughout the country. What is social business you say? It’s the practice of businesses using the internet and social media platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube – to connect with their potential customers.

But writing about it is boring, so here’s a pretty picture to show you how much Syracuse likes it’s businesses (and what industry is most popular).


The Death of an Advertising Agency, The Birth of a Brand Innovation Agency

We are not your typical ad agency.

Yup, this is a statement blog post if I’ve ever heard written one. I will be the first one to tell you that not many at our agency come from large ad agencies, or any ad agency for that matter. But this is why we are extremely effective at what we do; we have the creativity and develop the strategies that any agency can develop, without being stuck with the politics, bureaucracy or traditional ways of a typical ad agency.

We are an eclectic group of very talented, extremely dedicated, friendly professionals. We bleed creativity and strategy, with the foresight to use today’s technical platforms to build brand awareness. We don’t have the agency experience stuck in our minds to tunnel us into repetitiveness. What we do have is a real life view of the world, we notice what stories capture us and move us. We have the ability to look past ad dollars and see what people really want, and why you can’t force them into anything.

Now let me interject, this is not an intentional bash-fest of the traditional ad agency; I mean, if none of us have ever worked at one, we definitely don’t have the right to bash them. This is simply a realization from working with our clients that things like listening, establishing trust and friendships – and to never do what other people are doing – are the most important things that we do as an ad agency.

We are different: we think differently, we work differently, but this is what leads us to remarkable work.

Top 5 reasons we are remarkable:

  1. All of our talent is in-house; that’s right, instead of contracting the best, we hire the best. This allows us to be effective, efficient and remarkable.
  2. We have an open policy for employees allowing them to work when and where they want as long as our clients’ brand is growing in a timely fashion.
  3. Our clients are more like friends, and our dogs play together.
  4. When we are hired for a project, we do un-billed research on other resources that might help improve the outcome of the project and engagement of customers.
  5. Everyone knows everything. All of our employees get the opportunity to follow each other around for a day to see what the other teams are doing. The website team knows what’s up with video, the video team gets a flavor of SEO, and metrics knows how to turn on the video camera.  We are a well-oiled machine.

So it might seem like I am tooting our own horn, and I am! But not because I am cocky, it’s because I want to show everyone out there, that it is still possible to be in the business of making people happy. Sure we are a company based on digital tools, but relationships are our backbone. Happy employees make happy clients. Happy clients make happy businesses. Happy businesses make happy Good Monsters.

That is all, good day to all you good monsters out there!

Good Monster Nominated as Economic Champion During It’s First Year in Business

We are proud to say that we have been nominated as an Economic Champion by Centerstate CEO. Thank you to all of our wonderful friends at Centerstate CEO for helping us grow and evolve; and thank you to our clients who have allowed us into your family,  so that we might help grow your business.

Here’s to a great 2013-2014 for everyone!

Why Your Business Is Looking At Pinterest All Wrong

Pinterest is quickly becoming a gold mine for both online and offline retailers. From restaurants to shoe stores, clothing boutiques to salons, millions of businesses are finding that beautiful images paired with the right message make people want buy. It’s no secret that this is especially true with women. Need a little proof?


Pinterest has amassed 70 million users in it’s brief (3 year) life. With 80% of Pinterest’s user base being women, and women controlling 85% of America’s purchasing influence, Pinterest is not a marketing platform that businesses should take lightly. But posting your company’s special of the day with your smartphone is not enough. So what approach should you take?

If you’re a woman, what would make you want to re-pin an image about your products or services? If you’re a man, you need to think like a woman; and if you’re like most men, you should probably just ask one. Whatever the case is, you can pin all the content you want, but if it doesn’t speak to a woman’s desire to succeed, to be beautiful, to be loved or to laugh, then you’re wasting your time.

Here are a few things to know get your pins re-pinned:

  • If you are selling anything worth looking at, hire someone to take beautiful pictures of it
  • People are looking to dream when they are on Pinterest – show them you can full fill their wildest ones
  • Pinning happens at night
  • Use hashtags to attract pinners
  • Put images on your website
  • Put “Pin It” buttons next to the images on your website
  • Post clever copy with your pins
  • Re-pin allied brands images for more visibility

Just remember, social media platforms like Pinterest are only valuable for a brand if you can get your users to share the love. Pinterest is all about desire and beauty – keep these things in mind and you could start seeing dollar signs from your Pinterest account.

Can Small Businesses Build Big Brands?

Short answer, No.  Long answer, Definitely! Allow me to elaborate.  


Think of businesses like Coca Cola, IBM, Budweiser and GM.  These brands could feed small countries with their ad budgets, and they regularly blow a million dollars in a days worth of advertising.  Compare that to a $10,000 a year marketing budget of a small business and it’s a little trickier to figure out where to put your money.  Large companies can roll out a $10 million campaign that spans 2 months without blinking an eye.  Small businesses have heated discussions over whether or not they should give out pencils with there name on it this year.  Small businesses need efficient, consistant doses of marketing in order to build their brand, but it can definitely be done.Small businesses just don’t have the money to launch big marketing campaigns for individual product launches.  Does that mean they shouldn’t bother marketing? Not at all.  There are VERY effective ways to market your business that don’t include the big 3: TV, Radio and Print.

This is where innovative, creative thinking come into play.  It’s all about attention, and getting your small business lots of it!

Think of this scenario.  You have $500 to spend on marketing a new product for your business.  You can use it on whatever you want; TV, radio, website development, brochures…anything.  What would you do?

Would you have the radio station create a cheap 15 second commercial that you can run 6 times over two days?  Or how about getting 200 brochures printed, that you will have to mail yourself, because you won’t have enough to get them mailed?  You know what, you could get a cheap website made for about $500 explaining all about our product.

Or, maybe you take $200 and run Facebook Ads that say “First 60 people to walk through our doors get $5 cash.  No strings.” Then when those people walk into your door you hand them $5 and say “you know what, if you spend that $5 on our new product, that came out today, we will give you an extra $10 off your next purchase of anything in the store”.  BOOM! Because most people can’t pass up a deal, you are likely to make a sale, AND that person now has a reason to come back.  You did this all for $500 and people are now going to go tell their friends that “this business I went into today gave me $5 cash to shop at their store!”.

Value added? Check.  Word-of-mouth? Check.  Repeat customers? Check.  Effective brand-building? Double check.