The Attention Show News: Twitter Partners with Google, Social Signals Important for SEO


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Once again, Twitter and Google are back together. In early February 2015 it was announced that Google and Twitter reached an agreement that will give Google access to Twitter’s stream.

The details of this particular partnership are still unclear. What we do know is that Google now has access to 9,000 tweets per second. This makes perfect sense since Google is all about timely information. But what does this mean for Twitter? Well, massive exposure for one. If something happens on Twitter and Google feeds it to customers, it could position Twitter as an even bigger influencer.

What about marketers though?

For search marketers specifically, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results. As a tweet goes live, it will then show in the SERPs and could even make its way to the knowledge graph.

With the details of this partnership still unclear, marketers need to take notice as real time marketing will be more important than ever. Stay tuned!

Twitter’s Mobile App Can Build Your Customer Base

Do you use Twitter’s mobile app to reach out to your potential customer base? Why not? In the world of marketing and customer engagement, mobile is king, queen and quickly taking over the whole damn court! There are a million (unofficially) ways to use mobile apps to increase productivity and efficiency. And you can bet your bottom dollar that all of your potential customers are using their mobile devices all day-everyday as well. Maybe they are social media fiends, maybe they have 20 productivity apps that they use, maybe they are reading blog feeds all day long. Or maybe it’s all of the above. With the 255 million active users, and 78% of them using mobile, it’s important to explore Twitter’s mobile platform to help people with their problems, earn their trust, and show them how your business can help them with those problems. In this episode of The Monster Show we show you the down and dirty of setting up, optimizing and utilizing your Twitter mobile app to generate business.

Have you found success using Twitter’s mobile app for engaging with your customers? Share with us in the comments section below.

Twitter Gets Even Better, Multi-photo Uploading and Tagging

If you have been at any of my speaking engagements or watched any of my videos, you know how much I love the proactive approach to Twitter. Reaching out and individually engaging users is the best way to earn trust on the popular social media network – and now they have made it even more visual by adding multi-photo uploading and friend tagging to the mobile apps.

The Details

The 140-character limitation of Twitter forces the Twitter-verse to craft short, yet meaningful tweets to engage people swiping past them in their news feed. The addition of multi-photo uploading, brings a function that Facebook and Google+ users have long been familiar with. The best part is, that the interface remains neat and tidy to the eye.


The tagging feature is long overdue, as before you had to waste some of your 140-characters on adding your friends Twitter handles to your image or tweet. Now you can tag up to 10 people in your images without using any of the 140-characters!


In the Trenches

Some great uses of this feature are creating connections at events. If you have a networking meeting, seminar or conference you plan on attending – take multiple pictures with the guests and offer to tag them in the images. This gives you an excuse to connect with them on Twitter and you are providing them with media (the photos) that they can retweet and share.

A second use is when you want to post an in-office update, you can provide better visuals to help tell a (really)short story about how Sally just set the record for number of sheets of paper shredded in 1-minute.

The Takeaway

Twitter is more now dynamic with the ability to upload 4 photos, and tag 10 friends in them! Twitters one downfall was that it was mainly text, and lacked the visual oomph to make if eye-friendly. With the pre-IPO release of photos in the news feed and now multi-photo uploading and tagging, it’s shaping up to be a regular showstopper for your eyeballs!

How Twitter Can Open Up A Can of Customers On Your Business

Twitter is arguably the most influential modern news and social sharing tool in the world. It may not have quite as many registered users as Facebook, but it sure has more rapidly shared content – and it’s in real time. Businesses large and small better quickly get aquatinted with how to get “friendly” on Twitter.


 So why aren’t more local or regional businesses putting focus into Twitter?

Well most small- to medium-sized businesses would say, “Twitter is only for big brands – It won’t help me increase my bottom line, so I don’t see why I should waste time using it”.

And I would say “Imagine that you held an event that attracted people from all over your area or region to come hangout at your office/store. It would give you a chance to meet those people, get their business cards, and invite them back to hangout with you and try your products or services.  You would probably look at this as a great networking opportunity that might result in some sales leads. It would be well worth the investment of time and money, right?”

“Well Twitter allows you to do the same thing about a million times faster, more often and reach way more people for free – stick that in your pipe and smoke it”.

Ok I would probably leave that last part out, but you catch my drift. Twitter is powerful for all businesses because of two main things:

  1. Social media platforms are successful because they allow people to share content – and Twitter is allowing people to share content like pictures of products, promotional videos, contests, news and user comments faster than any other platform out there.
  2. Twitter is the fastest growing social networking platform in the world with a user increase of 40% between Q2 and Q4 in 2012, bringing it to 288 million active users (485 million total)– many of which are Millennials who happen to be falling into the house-purchasing, job-promotion, money-spending, “I need help with planning my future” section of their life (great news for businesses looking for new customers).

That being said there is only one way that a business will succeed with Twitter. “Go out and get attention – engage people in an positive, unexpected and personal way”. Unfortunately you probably don’t have the brand power of Nike or Coke, so you (or your marketing team) will have to do some leg work to show “followers” that you are a valuable addition to their twitter feed.