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Anytime there is a new social media app and/or platform, everyone makes a mad dash to try it out. Meerkat is the latest app that has everyone from local tech folks live streaming shoveling snow to people like Gary Vaynerchuk setting up Meerkats of his #AskGaryVee show. Many are still toying with this new tool. The question on everyones mind is “Can my business benefit from Meerkat?”

Meerkat has an element of SnapChat to it. It is organic, has unscripted human elements and allows you to provide real time updates. These updates, by the way, will be “broadcast” to your followers who will be engaged with what you have to say since they opted into following you.

Meerkat is a perfect opportunity to open the door to your office and showcase your culture. For example, you could live stream a video tour or even a happy hour. Meerkat is also great for live streaming a new product or service launch. Founder Ben Rubin calls it “spontaneous togetherness” and this element of Meerkat is something businesses can certainly take advantage of.

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