The Future of Content Marketing

Change is the only constant in digital marketing, especially content marketing and the outlook for 2015 predicts that it will continue to be. If you wish to continue reaching prospective customers, staying current, and even ahead of trends in the field is crucial. Monitoring the ever-evolving trends and adjusting your digital marketing efforts to reflect these changes will continue to nurture and grow your connection with consumers. Below are some digital marketing tips to give you a head start.

1. Micro Targeting

Put away your “marketing playbook” and dive deeper into personalization and customization. Look for strategies that allow you to locate small but profitable areas of your market. Finding these customers will require a better understanding of their needs, lifestyle, and what motivates them. By obtaining this information you will then be able to create one-on-one conversations for successful micro-targeting.

2. Optimize for Mobile

Mobile fosters engagement; and digital marketing today presents an “always on” connection with your consumers. Consumers now have the ability to interact with brands wherever they are and whenever they want. This presents a great opportunity for digital marketers and the brands they represent to create new experiences that fit the persona and experiences of your consumers. These new experiences will require a “tune-up” to your mobile strategy. For example, content such as infographics that are consumed via desktop or laptop does not mean it will perform the same on mobile devices. Small screen sizes and different resolutions are the cause of this. In order for consumers to have a great experience consuming content, brands will need to utilize different display technologies that will adjust content based on users’ screen size and resolution. Even micro-content on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter offer consumers quick little “snippets”.

3. Develop Original Quality Content

More and more brands are turning into publishers and their content is becoming much more compelling. This new content is able to adapt across various platforms and written for a very specific audience. Creating this quality content will showcase your expertise in your industry, however, it takes a significant amount of time and effort. Because of this, more marketers are designating an editorial team that oversees the quality of content. These teams are equipped with style guides and possess tools and templates to support consistency across content. If however, an editorial team is not possible, marketers may look to agencies or even experienced freelancers for creating content, social media management, and reviewing analytics.

Consumer trends and the channels they get information are constantly changing. It is up to those in charge of the brand’s digital marketing efforts, including content marketing efforts to understand consumers on a deeper level and stay out in front of the trends. Incorporating these strategies will jumpstart your business’ digital marketing efforts in 2015.



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