Why You Might Want to Pay Attention to the New Anchor App

Living and working in the digital marketing space, particularly social media, allows me to observe and connect with a variety of different people throughout the world. Whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any of the other popular networks. I am always liking, sharing, and commenting on people’s content—but I’m never really talking to them.

Even though you can connect with people on LinkedIn, and follow people on Twitter, you still don’t really have that personal one-on-one connection that you would have in real life. There are apps coming out that are making it easier, such as Snapchat, which allows you to have a face-to-face, ten-second conversation with somebody, anywhere, in what is very close to real-time. But you still don’t have that personal connection with somebody you have never met before, built right into a platform.

The new audio app, Anchor, is changing that lack of personal connection. I just started to experiment with Anchor recently, and it is by far the most personal social media platform that I have found. It allows you to record a two-minute-long audio recording or wave, and share it with your Anchor followers as well as your Twitter feed. Then you can use hashtags and tag people in the text description space to allow people to find it. But the real magic happens when that recording hits your audience; because then they can record a two-minute response directly back to you. With what appears to be a great UI, you can see everyone who has shared a reply with you, and you can even play it as one giant feed of audio.

Now, this works a lot like, let’s say, a Snapchat; but unlike Snapchat, responding to voice recordings using only a voice recording, not giving the option for pictures, or video—it allows people to talk directly to you, and answer your questions specifically. It is the closest thing that I’ve found to have a conversation with somebody over social media.

It’s a lot like receiving a bunch of voicemails about your ideas.

It’s still definitely too early to identify whether this will be the “next big thing” in social media, but right now, it is the app that I am easily the most excited about. It’s an app that has the potential to truly, personally connect people across the Internet


If you’re interested in learning more about Anchor, you can visit them all across social media, or download the app in the App Store. If you’re interested in chatting with me on Anchor, just simply follow me on Twitter, @johnnytimbo. Then you can add me as a contact through the Anchor app.


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