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How it works, and
what are the results?

Simple → We find your biggest marketing problems, then place a leadership team and small, seasoned team of doers to begin fixing all the broken things. Then we grow together.


Good Monster powers fast growth and even faster marketing profit.

Good Monster combines our proprietary marketing machine, our vast network of vetted marketing talent and your amazing products to drive profitable growth.

We are your new —

Marketing machine

Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine       Marketing machine      

Good Monster’s Fractional CMO Program is a 12-24 month program designed for funded or bootstrapped businesses who need rapid & efficient growth, but lack the marketing leadership, team and structure to execute said growth.

  • More cost-efficient
  • Complete marketing system
  • Experienced marketers
  • Up to 15 members on your team

The GCMO Program is ideal for companies that need a team and machine to help them with:

  • Finding/optimizing product market fit
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Increasing retention and customer lifetime value
  • Finding new revenue sources
  • Rebranding
  • Product development
  • Improving ROI/ROAS

During the first 3 months our goal is to get a deep understanding of your business, customers and market, while doubling down on driving quick revenue (usually through paid media, influencers, email and maybe Amazon)

  • Asses: brand, company, culture, mission, team, existing budget, and past results
  • Discovery: roadblocks, opportunities, platforms, channels, LTV, CAC
  • Plan: Goals, KPIs, macro/micro strategies, creative, technology, suggested budget, packaging, service
  • Setup: partnerships, platforms, media, content production, initial tests
  • Act: begin testing strategies, launching campaigns and optimizing channels

After the first 3 months we will know your business well. Our goal now is to make sure your brand is strengthened and your ROI is positive.

  • Review/Present: test results and long term/short term marketing strategies
  • Launch: developed campaigns and long term/short term initiatives
  • Analyze: marketing and advertising initiatives, new resources, team, opportunities, LTV/CAC
  • Scale: high-performing initiatives
  • Cut: low-performing initiatives
  • Expand: markets, audiences, regions

Most of our brand partners like you want one of the following:

  • Fix broken/ineffective marketing
  • Increase return on marketing spend
  • Increase profit
  • Increase top-line revenue (aka growth)
  • Gain market share (aka growth)
  • Prepare to sell your company
  • Be more innovative

The team is for our Rocketship Program only

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director of Performance
  • Marketing Manager
  • Paid Media Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • eCommerce Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Influencer Marketing Specialist
  • Community Manager
  • UX Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Copywriter
  • Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Marketing Assistant

(*dependent on the package you select)

Our CEO John Timmerman talks to every single potential partner to make sure we are 100% confident that we can help you reach your goals.

Book a call with our team to see if Good CMO is a good fit.

Flat, transparent & uncomplicated.



Who it’s for: $3M Revenue


After 3-Months add 10% New Revenue


Who it’s for: $5M Revenue


After 3-Months add 15% New Revenue


Who it’s for: $10M+ Revenue


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TEAM Goal: Cost Efficiency Goal: Growth Goal: Scale Goal: Flexible Speed & Scale
Chief Marketing Officer Consultant (2hr/mo) Fractional (8hr/mo) Part time CMO (40hr/mo) This option is designed to help startups and foreign companies rapidly setup and grow from nothing. We will build you the perfect fulltime team of managers, creatives, strategists and do'ers. And we will cultivate a marketing machine that is vetted, tested and perfect. After 12 months of growth, we will hand them over to you.
Head of Performance
Head of Creative
Digital Marketing Manager
Content Manager
Good Monster Growth Team
Creative Development Hours 40 60 80
The following are added every month or two as we grow: The following are added every month or two as we grow: The following are added every month or two as we grow:
Meta Ads Specialist add-on Custom
Google Ads Specialist add-on Custom
Email Marketing Specialist add-on Custom
Influencer Marketing Specialist add-on Custom
Amazon Specialist add-on Custom
Social Media Specialist add-on Custom
SEO Specialist add-on Custom
YouTube Specialist add-on add-on Custom
Community Specialist add-on add-on Custom
Podcast Specialist add-on add-on Custom
Affiliate Marketing Specialist add-on add-on Custom
PR Specialist add-on add-on Custom
Event Marketing Specialist add-on add-on Custom